The Veil Falls [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 11

Text of the Quest:

The Veil Falls Im now a full member of the Veiled Heritance. I've been told of a grand hall where their leadership council meets. And they may be meeting with the Veiled Queen herself! I should head into the Veiled Keep, and discover who leads behind the Veil.


Enter the Veiled Keep

Alandare: You're a full member now. And you're in luck. The Veiled Queen herself will be ! speaking to the cause.
Hero: Where should I go?
Alandare: The Veiled Council meets in the grand hall. It's north of here, near the top of the j island.
Hero: And you said the Veiled Queen is here?
Alandare: No, she's not here. She needs to stay safe, hidden. Uses a spell to speak with us by projection. Go report in with the council. Present yourself and be known.
Hero: Looking forward to it.

Razum-dar: Ah, good. Raz was beginning to worry about you.
Hero: Where's High Kinlady Estre?
Razum-dar: Calm yourself, friend. She's inside with the Queen. They're practicing for the Thalmor ceremony tomorrow. No need to worry.
Hero: You don't understand. Estre is the Veiled Queen.
Razum-dar: Truly? You are certain? If you're mistaken, accusing her—
Hero: Raz, you have to trust me. I saw her speak to the Veiled Council.
Razum-dar: Then we end this. Come with Razum-dar!

Queen Ayrenn: Speak quickly, please. This could be very bad for both of us.
Hero: My Queen, I'm sorry, but you're in danger here.
Queen Ayrenn: I know. That's why Raz asked you to investigate the Heritance.
Hero: No. Your Majesty, Estre is the Veiled Queen.
Queen Ayrenn: The Veiled ... surely this is a jest? I defeated the Veiled Council and met their leader. Estre used magic to contact them.
Queen Ayrenn: Estre doesn't even know magic! Estre?
Hero: She escaped, your Majesty.
Queen Ayrenn: It's all right, my agent. You've done the Dominion a great service today. With Estre exposed, the Veil falls. We'll investigate her staff, her guards. We'll bring them to ground. You have the thanks of a grateful Queen.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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