The Unveiling [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 9

Text of the Quest:

The Unveiling I've uncovered evidence linking important community members in Mathiisen to the Veiled Heritance. Now Raz has asked me to take the fight to them directly. Razum-dar has asked me to trust him, and do something seemingly foolish. Im to openly accuse Malanie of treason in front of her men. Ill need to enter the barracks first.


Enter the Barracks

Razum-dar: You ready for a harder task, my friend? Ready for a mission worthy of the Queen's Eyes?
Hero: I'm ready.
Razum-dar: All right, now. You trust in Razum-dar, yes? He must ask you to trust him further. Malanie, Condalin. They are in the town barracks. You must go in, make a big noise. They will almost certainly capture you.
Hero: They'll what? Why should I let them capture me?
Razum-dar: Condalin's too observant. He knows we are here. If you go strolling in like the pompous hero, allow yourself to be taken, they'll let their guard down. Then old Raz finds you, frees you, and we strike!
Hero: Fine. For the Queen.
Razum-dar: Razum-dar trusts you. Do the same for him, and he will not let you down.
Hero: This is your plan, really? Let me get captured?
Razum-dar: You have, perhaps, something better to do? Look, we are the Queen's Eyes. We do the tasks that must be done, even if it means getting hit on the head. Killing those who do not deserve it. Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple.
Hero: Sorry, what?
Razum-dar: Raz only shares that story with veteran field agents. Perhaps another day.

Sergeant Iralundore: Just keep moving, friend.
Hero: I'm a sworn agent of the queen! A very important person. No, a hero!
Sergeant Iralundore: Heh. You don't say?
Hero: All right, hero, go on in.

Canonreeve Malanie: We're a bit busy here, traveler. If you could just—
Hero: On behalf of the Queen, I'm here to arrest you for treason!
Canonreeve Malanie: Treason? You'd accuse me of treason? Here? Are you mad?
Hero: I have proof you're part of the Veiled Heritance. You're under arrest, Malanie. Come quietly and—
Canonreeve Malanie: You little idiot. Ayrenn, that traitorous cow! She's the one who should be brought up on treason charges. She's betrayed the Altmer—her own people! The Veiled Queen will soon be crowned and you can't stop us!
Hero: I'll report you to—
Canonreeve Malanie: You'll report nothing! Odendil! Condalin! Now!

Razum-dar: You're awake now, sleeping kitten?
Hero: Ow. I take it your plan worked?
Razum-dar: Just as we'd hoped. You did very well for new blood.
Hero: Are you going to make fun of me for the jail thing?
Razum-dar: What? This one would never note that this is the second time he is saving you. From jail. In less than a month. Not out loud, anyway.
Hero: Right. How'd you get down here, anyway?
Razum-dar: What do you think Raz did while you searched the town? He watched, observed, calculated. Raz has very good eyes, you see.
Hero: What now?
Razum-dar: Razum-dar unlocks the door. You go find Condalin. This one finds Malanie. Just be careful.
Hero: Where is Condalin?
Razum-dar: Near Fistalle's house. Bastard. Meet up with Raz near the forge when you are done. He'll know where Malanie is then.

Razum-dar: The Canonreeve is inside, near the forge. She is trapped.
Hero: So this is it, then?
Razum-dar: Aye. Come, my friend. For Fistalle. For the Queen!

Razum-dar: Razum-dar wants to say that went pretty well. Then he remembers Fistalle, and her parents.
Hero: She'd be proud, Raz. She didn't die in vain.
Razum-dar: You're right. On behalf of the Queen, we give you thanks. One day you will be a great and mighty agent. Almost as great as Razum-dar. If that's possible.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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