The Veiled Choice [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 12

Text of the Quest:

The Veiled Choice I met an mer named near the ruin known as Quendeluun. He claims the Veiled Heritance took his daughter, and tracked them to the site. I've agreed to find Rolancanos daughter Palith. She should be somewhere in the ruins beyond the nearby cave.


Enter the South Ruins

Rolancano: Please, you have to help me. They've got my daughter. My Palith!
Hero: What happened? Who has your daughter?
Rolancano: The Veiled Heritance. I tracked her here. Managed to take out this sentry before he could raise the alarm. But—damn it! I'm an old man now. My sword arm is useless.
Hero: Let me help. Where is she?
Rolancano: Auri-EI protect you. Before he died, this bastard told me she's held in some ruins. Take this note and this elixir of invisibility. The note holds everything I learned from this scum. The elixir's for Palith.
Hero: I'll look for Palith. Just rest.
Rolancano: Find her—as quick as you can.
Hero: Who are you?
Rolancano: A member of the First Auridon Marines. I serve under Battlereeve Urcelmo. I'm currently on leave. My wife passed, just recently.
Hero: What happened?
Rolancano: The Heritance—again. I was assigned to Queen Ayrenn's detail, so my wife went to stay with her sister in Silsailen. The city was sacked and they were both murdered by these bastards.
Hero: I'm sorry to hear that.
Rolancano: I've lost enough to the Veiled Heritance. I won't lose my daughter. Please. You have to find her.
Hero: Why didn't you just sneak inside with the elixir?
Rolancano: How would Palith get out then? I'm a better alchemist than a fighter, as you can see here. Least I know how to make a man talk.

Palith: Get out of here. I won't say another word, so you'd just be wasting your breath.
Hero: I'm not with the Heritance. Your father sent me.
Palith: My father? Thank the Stars! I'm tired of being a bargaining chip.
Hero: A bargaining chip?
Palith: They captured me to manipulate my brother, Eranamo. They had him do a job and then shoved him into a room in the ruins to the north. Bastards.
Hero: Your father gave me this invisibility elixir. He wants you to make your way
Palith: That's my father! Always thinking. But I can't... I can't leave without Eranamo.
Hero: You said the ruins to the north, right? I'll go find him while you get out of here.

Eranamo: Ah, good! I'm famished. Let's see ... I'd like a breast of pheasant, some wine, and a wheel of cheese.
Hero: I'm not here to bring you food. Palith sent me to find you.
Eranamo: Ugh. My sister. It's her fault we're in this mess. The Heritance just wanted some information. No problem! But they insisted on taking Palith as insurance, to make sure I'd behave.
Hero: You're in league with the Heritance and the Pact?
Eranamo: Oh, hush. I didn't know they were in league with the Pact. And now you're here meddling too. Fine. My escape won't be enough. I gave them some detailed military intelligence. Will you help me retrieve it?
Hero: You committed treason. And now you want me to help you clean up your mess?
Eranamo: Do you want that information in the hands of the Pact? No? I didn't think so. I managed to hide one of their uniforms in my cot. Grab it. Then we can slip past the soldiers and retrieve the information. Simple!
Hero: All right. I'll get the uniform.

Eranamo: Right. Now we can go find my sister.
Hero: Nervous about seeing Paiith?
Eranamo: Hah, no. She still worships me. Appreciates me. Not like my old man. If father were here, he'd lash my hide.
Hero: Actually, he is here. He sent me in here with the plan to save Palith. -Eranamo: Father. Here? Oh. So he's waiting outside the cave, then?
Hero: Yes, just outside on the road.
Eranamo: Right. Right. On the road. Urn, would you mind if I hang back a few after we get out of here? You should go ahead. Tell him how helpful I was. Before I walk up.
Hero: Whatever you say.

Rolancano: My daughter is found! And my no-good son as well, from what I hear.
Hero: Eranamo gave this to the Pact, but he helped me get it back.
Rolancano: What? He ... my son is a traitor? He gave deployment plans to the Heritance? And the Pact?
Hero: In his defense, he didn't want to just leave. He—
Rolancano: Did he tell you my wife—his mother—was murdered by the Veiled Heritance? That he's put all of Auridon in danger? More wives and mothers and daughters, just so he can feel important? Like a big man?
Hero: He should be right behind me.
Rolancano: This is now official First Auridon Marine business. Your help is no longer required.
Hero: Are you sure you want to do this?
Rolancano: I have to. This is justice. He's a traitor to the crown. To his family.
Hero: And the only possible sentence is death?
Rolancano: He's a traitor to the crown. He's committed treason, murder, and theft. How do I justify that? Even as his father? It's my duty.
Hero: Forget duty. He's your son. [Eranamo lives]
Rolancano: No, I have to. I must—my son. My own son! How can I kill my own flesh and blood?

Rolancano: Could it be I made the wrong choice?
Hero: You did the right thing.
Rolancano: A hundred years with the Marines and never before have I failed in my duty. Until today. I know myself, though. I would have come to regret killing Eranamo. Thank you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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