The Serpents Beacon [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

The Serpents Beacon Maormer pirates took the lighthouse at South Beacon and are signalling more pirate ships to come into port. If theyre not stopped, they could move on the port of Vulkhel Guard. I need to break through the Maormer beachhead and find Captain Ciranya.


Rescue Captain Ciranya

Legionary Artaste: They ... came from nowhere. By boat, maybe. Never been this far inland. Captain Ciranya ....
Hero: Tell me what happened.
Legionary Artaste: Maormer pirates. They've taken South Beacon. My captain, my crew. All captured. They took control of the lighthouse. This is bad. With South Beacon as a staging area they can raid the Summerset Isles at will.
Hero: Those wounds look bad.
Legionary Artaste: I can make it back to Vulkhel Guard. You have to find Captain Ciranya. She'll know what to do. She's a prisoner at the Maormer camp down the beach. Please ... hurry.
Hero: I'll find her. Tend to those wounds.

Captain Ciranya: Well met, stranger. As you may have noticed, I'm not at liberty to stand and greet you properly.
Hero: Why did the Maormertake you captive?
Captain Ciranya: They mean to invade Vulkhel Guard. Their plan is to use the lighthouse at South Beacon to communicate with their fleet. We need to stop them.
Hero: We?
Captain Ciranya: You have more important things to attend to? Don't answer, that was rhetorical. Three of my scouts are being held captive. Free them and have them meet me at Skylight Beach. I'll scout the lighthouse and find a way to gain entry.

Legionary Norfando: Didn't expect to see a friendly face. Get me out of here.
Hero: Your Captain said to meet her at Skylight Beach. Are you well enough to make it? Goodbye.
Legionary Norfando: Never better! Clever woman, our Captain. Skylight Beach is our old drinking spot. Few would know that. Naming it as the rendezvous point tells me that your message is genuine.

Legionary Pandetuile: Maormer scum. They took us by surprise. Did the Captain send you?
Hero: She wants you to meet her at Skylight Beach.
Legionary Pandetuile: Skylight Beach? Ha! I know just where it is!

Legionary Uulion: Pleased to meet you, I'm sure. These damnable Maormer are not the most charitable of hosts.
Hero: Captain Ciranya wants you to meet her at Skylight Beach.
Legionary Uulion: The Captain's wish is my obligation.

Captain Ciranya: Tildur, the lighthouse keeper, was spared. I don't think they considered him a threat. He says the Maormer are using the lighthouse beacon to send messages to their ships. We can't wait for reinforcements. We need to take action, now.
Hero: What do you have in mind?
Captain Ciranya: The lighthouse is solid stone, but even stone can burn, with the right mixture of kindlepitch and fire salts. Tildur can tell you where to find the necessary ingredients. Use this glass vial. One well-placed fireflask should be just the trick.
Hero: What are you going to do?
Captain Ciranya: Tildur says the Maormer placed a magical ward on the lighthouse door. I need to figure a way through it. Go, quickly!
Hero: Good luck.
Captain Ciranya: We haven't much time! You'll need fire salts and kindlepitch to destroy the beacon. Talk to Tildur. He'll know where you can find them.
Hero: I wanted to ask you something.
Captain Ciranya: Then do it quickly. We're running out of time.
Hero: What happened to your team?
Captain Ciranya: They took us off-guard. Came in quietly, in row boats. Snuck right past the Auridon fleet without so much as a "by your leave." We never saw them coming.
Hero: You weren't prepared for an attack?
Captain Ciranya: South Beacon's on the west coast. There's little more than a straight between here and the Summerset Isles. Historically, it's been easy to defend. I wish I knew how they made it past our fleet.
Hero: Your people look more like rogues, than scouts.
Captain Ciranya: Most were thieves and highwaymen before they joined up. I offered them a fresh start. Now they're some of the best scouts and assassins in the Dominion. Unfortunately, those skills don't help much in a standup fight.

Captain Ciranya: You have the necessary ingredients to make Tildur's fireflask? Excellent. I've been watching the Maormer come and go from the lighthouse, and discovered how they get past the ward on the door.
Hero: How do they do it?
Captain Ciranya: The Maormer carry a magical rune that dispels the ward long enough to gain entry. Steal a rune from one of their patrols near the lighthouse, use it to dispel the ward, and you're in. You need to hurry! They're nearly ready to signal their fleet.
Hero: Sounds simple enough.
Captain Ciranya: Simple, until the lighthouse begins to burn. You won't be able to come out the way you went in, and you can't sprout wings and fly away. Take this teleport scroll. It will transport you back to the rendezvous point at Skylight Beach.

Captain Ciranya: This invasion is over! Without the ability to signal their ships, the Maormer won't be able to navigate the shallows. They'll turn around or find themselves swimming back to Pyandonea. All of Auridon is in your debt. Well done!
Hero: What happens now?
Captain Ciranya: We'll head to Vulkhel Guard and return with reinforcements. By this time tomorrow, South Beacon will be ours again and the invaders will be nothing but a bad memory. We couldn't have done this without your help. You won't be forgotten.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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