The Tempest Unleashed [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

The Tempest Unleashed The Maormer seek to prevent the Dominion from establishing themselves on . Theyve launched a full-scale attack on . Commander Karinith asked me to direct survivors from the attack on to safety.


Direct Survivors to Safety

Zaeri: Move with purpose, slowpaws. Only the fleet of foot survive.
Hero: What do you mean?.
Zaeri: The Maormer attack Cat's Eye Quay from the sea! Commander Karinith holds the line at the docks. She needs help stopping the Maormer before they push into Mistral. Zaeri will find more to help. Be swift, slowpaws!
Hero: I'll find Commander Karinith.

Commander Karinith: You there! The Maormer attacked Cat's Eye Quay with their Sea Viper forces. We need every able body for the rescue effort!
Hero: Zaeri said you were preparing a counterattack..
Commander Karinith: Ha! A counterattack? I'd settle for an organized defense. Our forces are scattered too thin. If we can't hold the gates, Mistral will fall to the Maormer.
Hero: What can I do?
Commander Karinith: I'll coordinate Dominion forces from here, but I can't lock down this gate until the survivors clear out of the market. Send them my way. We need everyone able to defend Mistral on this side of the wall.

Calpion: Those Maormer pirates came from the water. They're all over Cat's Eye Quay!
Hero: What happened here?.
Calpion: Sea Vipers happened! One must've struck me on the head. When I woke, a Sea Viper was carving strange runes on my bodyguard's skin. I hit that awful pirate with a broken spar and we ran!
Hero: Are your wounds serious?
Calpion: No, we can still move. We'll head to Mistral, if it's safe there. By the Eight, it's inspiring to see Dominion soldiers. Maybe Sergeant Firion can pull off her counterattack.
Hero: What counterattack?.
Calpion: The marine by the gate to Cat's Eye Quay plans to strike back at the Sea Vipers. I'm sure she can tell you the details. We'll get moving. Gods grant you strength!

Berantin: We can't let those Maormer pirates reach Mistral. They'll butcher our families!
Hero: What happened here?
Berantin: I saw great serpents emerge from the waters. Those Sea Viper cowards made them snap at everyone in striking distance!
Hero: Were you wounded?
Berantin: No. When I saw my neighbors fall, I ran. What kind of Khajiit am I? You're with the Dominion, yes? Your Sergeant Firion plans to strike back. Give those pirate cowards a trouncing!
Hero: You should get to safety. Head to Mistral.
Berantin: I'll do no such thing. If any of those Sea Vipers shows a face on this side of the gate, I'll claw it off myself.

Sergeant Firion: What are you doing here? Doesn't matter. If you're in the mood to cave in some Sea Viper skulls, I don't really care.
Hero: One of the survivors said you're planning a counterattack..
Sergeant Firion: You feel that cold air rushing off the sea? Just like it was before the hurricane. We can't wait to cut off the snake's head. We are the Dominion counterattack.
Hero: What can I do?
Sergeant Firion: I sent my squad to scout Cat's Eye Quay. If they haven't learned what the Sea Vipers plan is, we can poke around until we figure out what needs chopping.
Hero: Shouldn't you hold the gate?
Sergeant Firion: I'll hold the gate, if you think you'll have need for a wizard. Or you could bring a Dominion marine. Up to you.
Hero: All right, come with me.
Sergeant Firion: Then let's fillet these Fish Elf bastards.

Edhelas: Hey. Squad got separated. Nistel and I found Onglorn. They hurt him bad.
Hero: What happened to him?.
Edhelas: Sea Vipers carved runes in his chest. I grabbed him. Nistel held them off.
Hero: Where is Nistel?
Edhelas: Hunting Sea Vipers. If you see her? Tell her Onglorn will be all right.

Nistel: The marine Nistel is dead.
Hero: Examine the corpses Goodbye.
Nistel: The marine's body is covered in wounds—sword slashes, broken bones, and even a few fang marks.
Hero: Search the body..
Nistel: Her weapons are broken. Heavy scoring mars her armor. One limp hand holds a bloody bandage. The other grips a bloodied piece of paper.
Hero: Take the paper.

Mazar: A ringing head is bad. But when it remains somewhat head-shaped ... that is good, yes?
Hero: What happened to you?.
Mazar: I was in the caves ... working ... when I heard a strange howling. Then warriors came out of nowhere, and struck without mercy.
Hero: Who attacked?.
Mazar: Sea Vipers—Maormer pirates! We paid protection through the month, and let them put those strange totems in our cave. They've never been in the skooma trade! Erm. I meant moon-sugar. Hit my head, you see.
Hero: What did they want?.
Mazar: Our deaths, I suppose? After they killed enough of us, they left the rest of us alone—they knew we wouldn't fight back. They only paid attention to those totems. Well, until they collapsed the cave entrance.
Hero: Why did they collapse the cave?.
Mazar: Some High Elf wizard tried to get in, so they collapsed it. I dove outside. Lucky me. The wizard tried to tell me something, but I couldn't hear him at all. He stuffed this paper in my hands and walked off. Here, maybe you can make sense of it.
Hero: You should get to safety.
Mazar: What's that? My ears were ringing. Would you mind repeating the obvious? Wait, wait... don't think me ungrateful. The wizard was looking for another way into the caves. I heard rumors of a secret door by the cliffs, but I never saw it myself.
Hero: Thank you.

Ealcil: These totems seem to harness a combination of wind and spirit! 1 wonder if I can ... Excuse me. Do you mind?
Hero: We're here to stop the Sea Vipers..
Ealcil: Indeed! I suppose that's optimal. These Sea Viper rituals are barbaric, but quite effective. The hurricane they summoned to dash our fleet against Khenarthi's Roost? That's nothing compared to their current efforts.
Hero: What's worse than a hurricane?.
Ealcil: You clearly haven't studied the fundamentals of blood sacrifice. You see these serpent-shaped statues, their "Storm Totems?" They collect spirit energies from rune-marked subjects and channel it, like water through a funnel.
Hero: How can we block the funnel?.
Ealcil: Exactly the right question! It seems the Sea Vipers use a specialized lodestone to block the channel. Approach an active Storm Totem, hold forth the lodestone, and harmlessly siphon the energy away. You should see for yourself.
Hero: Are you sure it's harmless?.
Ealcil: Completely! Go ahead, don't be shy. It's not as though the Storm Totem's energies will cascade throughout your body until you're nothing but a lifeless, smoking husk. But do avoid standing in the puddles, would you?

Ealcil: Phenomenal. I knew proximity was the key! And look at you, not even a hint of electrocution. You have the principle. Now, to apply it to the other Storm Totems before ... well, best not to worry you about that.
Hero: Worry me about what?.
Ealcil: Ah ... no, I really shouldn't worry you.
Hero: Tell me why the Sea Vipers need these Storm Totems.
Ealcil: I can't say for certain. It's one of two things, neither of which is good for anyone on this island. You don't stoop to blood sacrifice unless you need a lot of energy very quickly. And, well, to release it just as quickly.
Hero: What does that mean?.
Ealcil: Listen, you handle the Storm Totems. I'll determine how to best counteract the Sea Viper blood ritual without destroying Mistral. Does that seem equitable? The only certainty is the lack of time. You should hurry.

Ealcil: I know what they're planning! Through my Psijic projection, I observed an old ritual site north of Mistral. The Sea Vipers summoned a powerful creature known as a storm atronach. They're tunneling all that energy into their bound storm-slave.
Hero: What does that mean?.
Ealcil: The creature can only hold so much energy before it discorporates. All the energy will wash over Khenarthi's Roost, killing anything it touches. Except for the thunderbugs, of course. Oh, and the mountain north of Mistral will shatter, leaving no trace of the town.
Hero: There must be a way to stop this..
Ealcil: Ah, and there's the genius of their plan! How do you bind a creature made of storm energies? With the wind itself! Three ritual horns trap Storm-Slave. But the lodestone now has enough storm energy to counteract the false winds. Elegant, yes?
Hero: What happens when I release Storm-Slave from its bonds?.
Ealcil: It will shed its corporeal form and safely release its stored energy. By "safely," I mean in relation to Khenarthi's Roost. I recommend moving a fair distance away from Storm-Slave when this happens. Perhaps keeping solid rock between it and yourself.
Hero: All right. I'll stop the Sea Viper ritual..
Ealcil: You'll have no trouble. But in the event you do, I've opened a portal at a distance of one league from Khenarthi's Roost. There, I'll tread water in the open sea until I've observed your success. Merely a precaution. I have every confidence!

Razum-dar: My friend! To escape death so triumphantly is constant thrill, yes? Not so thrilling for the Maormer, of course.
Hero: How did you find me?.
Razum-dar: The Maormer are fled or dead, thanks to your efforts. Khenarthi's Roost is safe, and voluntarily a part of the Aldmeri Dominion. So, if you must know? Razum-dar keeps an eye on promising people.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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