To Auridon [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

To Auridon After defeating the Maormer assault on Khenarthis Roost, Razum-dar has asked me to report to a woman in the Auridon city of Vulkhel Guard. The Khajiit suggested I board the Prowler in order to get a ride to the great southern port.


Board the Skiff

Razum-dar: If Raz had known you would do so well, he would have scrounged you a nicer reward. Apologies. The Mistral armory is not what it once was.
Hero: So what now?
Razum-dar: The Maormer are like drunken uncle. Chase them off and they always come back. Next time Khenarthi will be waiting for them. Problem is, there are places that will not be so prepared.
Hero: What places?.
Razum-dar: if the vipers are here in numbers strong enough to assault Khenarthi, all of the southern seas are in danger. The Queen is in Auridon right now, beginning a royal visit. Raz would ask you to head to Vulkhel Guard and report to Watch Captain Astanya.
Hero: I'll do it.
Razum-dar: Astanya can pass word to Her Majesty. Perhaps you can catch a ride on the Prowler. Raz heard Jimila plans to set sail. He suspects she may owe you a favor.
Hero: Ask you a few questions before I go?.
Razum-dar: Of course! After all you have done for us here, it would be rude of Raz to say no.
Hero: Who is this Watch Captain?
Razum-dar: Astanya's the lovely watch captain of the Vulkhel Guard Watch. Raz has shared more than one drink with the captain, and more than one fight. She's getting a bit grouchy now that she's tied to one port, but she should set you arights.
Hero: What do you do, Raz?
Razum-dar: This one is a simple Khajiit, like he said when we first met. He resolves issues as they come up. He acts in the best interest of the Dominion and the Queen.
Hero: Do you think I'll see you again?
Razum-dar: Oh, Raz would not be surprised. You've already proven yourself a competent sort. Simple Khajiit like this one have a tendency to need competent people like you.
Hero: What can I expect in Auridon?
Razum-dar: Very tall Elves and very pretty shores. Auridon is the most worldly part of the Summerset Isles, and still many of the High Elves consider it a sanctuary away from the rest of the world. This one thinks they are kidding themselves.

Captain Jimila: The Prowler is headed to Auridon, and we're happy to ferry you there. When you're ready, hop in the launch. We'll set you up with your own bunk.
Hero: Why are you heading to Auridon?
Captain Jimila: Chests full of gold. Owning a sound ship after a hurricane can be quite lucrative, even when the only cargo is Dominion luminaries seeking passage. Don't worry, I won't charge you. Without your help, the Prowler would be a mass of broken timber.
Hero: Is your ship ready to sail?
Captain Jimila: Aye, the Prowler is fully restored and ready for heavy seas. Quartermaster Oblan even managed a few improvements using some Maormer... donations.
Hero: Have no fear, she'll get you safely to Auridon.

Watch Captain Astanya: Fair day. I'm Astanya, watch captain. With the Queen in town we have extra security precautions to see to. Where are you traveling from?
Hero: I've just come from Khenarthi's Roost. Razum-dar sent me. The island was attacked by Maormer..
Watch Captain Astanya: Old Raz sent you, eh? That could complicate things. Thank you for telling me. The Queen's enemies are all around her. Her protectors must be vigilant at all times, and this information will be critical in their calculations.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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