The Root of the Problem [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

The Root of the Problem Theres a crisis at . Something is wrong with their Great Tree, and the locals believe it has something to do with the trees roots, which can be accessed from a cave below it. Spinner Benieth sent a spirit below to heal the Great Trees roots, but something has impeded its progress. Perhaps Ill learn more if I find the cave entrance.


Enter the Cave

Spinner Benieth: Windcatcher Plantation depends on the Great Tree, yet it sickens before my eyes. Our fates are like leaves in its branches.
Hero: What's wrong with the Great Tree?.
Spinner Benieth: Do you see that strange miasma? It appeared on the Great Tree after the hurricane, like a sickness. I've done what I can, but I fear it's not enough.
Hero: Is there anything I can do?.
Spinner Benieth: There's a cave directly beneath us. I called a spirit there to heal the Great Tree's roots, but it hasn't returned. Would you see what holds the spirit back, and aid it if you can?
Hero: I'll help the spirit if I can..
Spinner Benieth: I can feel the spirit's frustration. It wants to help the Great Tree, but something prevents it.
Hero: How can I help the spirit?
Spinner Benieth: The spirit is old and powerful. It seeks to move from root to root, aiding the Great Tree as it's able. But it's a healing spirit, of singular purpose. It doesn't know how to defend itself.
Hero: Is the spirit in danger?
Spinner Benieth: I'm uncertain. If so, the spirit must be protected from harm while it heals the Great Tree's roots. It knows what it must do.
Hero: Why is the Great Tree so important?
Spinner Benieth: The Great Tree shields Windcatcher Plantation from the winter winds and keeps our settlement shaded from the heat of the summer. Its story entwines with ours.
Hero: But how is it different from any other tree?.
Spinner Benieth: When the wind goddess Khenarthi first traveled across the heavens, legends say she grew tired and rested in the branches of a small sapling before resuming her journey. That sapling became the Great Tree, and gave Windcatcher Plantation its name.
Hero: What can I do to help the nature spirit?

Naarwe: Been a kwama master for over a decade. I'm not afraid to admit when I'm up to my neck in droppings, and I sure could use a hand getting out.
Hero: What's the problem?.
Naarwe: Ever try piloting a ship through a hurricane while your entire cargo of kwama eggs hatch and go bug-nuts? Been there, can't recommend it. After we wrecked, they made a kwama-line toward this cave. I came after them, but they're a bit distracted.
Hero: Distracted? What do you mean by distracted?.
Naarwe: They always get surly after hatching, but these kwama are downright unsociable. I tried to stop them from chewing on those huge roots. They objected. Bumped into a fine-looking tree trunk on my way out. Thought I was done for, but it kept walking.
Hero: That must be the spirit attempting to heal the roots..
Naarwe: Oh? Kwama didn't take to it, whatever it was. I heard them munching on it, same as those roots. The little ones seemed scared of it. If you can help the pretty tree trunk do what it needs to do, I bet they'll head back this way.
Hero: And the big ones?.
Naarwe: If they'd stop eating those giant roots, they might get better... but I don't blame you if you have to put down a few to save the rest. Just be careful. Nothing fiercer than a crazed kwama. Not even my sister-in-law.

Spinner Benieth: Praise Y'ffre! The miasma has cleared. Yet I sense this begins a new chapter for the Great Tree. Though the creatures gorged themselves upon its roots, this was a passing instinct. They can be taught to strengthen the Great Tree.
Hero: Are you sure the kwama won't harm the Great Tree?.
Spinner Benieth: The kwama will soon learn the cave is their nest and treat the spirit as their queen. Together, they'll guard the cave against intruders who seek to harm the Great Tree. A new story can frighten any creature, until it realizes its role within.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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