The Storms Call [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Maormer Sea Vipers invaded Ilayas Ruins, searching for a weather-controlling relic called the Sphere of Storms. I've been asked to help the stormwardens defend the sphere until reinforcements arrive. Mariel the Ironhand asked me to find the possessed by the Sea Vipers, and meet her at the entrance to the ruins.

Mariel the Ironhand: Don't worry, I didn't kill them all. Plenty more up in the ruins, if you're interested in lending a hand. Seems these Sea Vipers want the sphere for themselves!
Hero: Sphere? Goodbye.
Mariel the Ironhand: We use a Sphere of Storms to control the weather and defend our shores. Crushed a few of the Sea Viper's ships before they managed to land. Now we're waiting on reinforcements. Hope they get here in time to do some good.
Hero: We? Where are the other defenders? Goodbye.
Mariel the Ironhand: Dead or hiding, doesn't matter. I need to stop the Sea Vipers from breaching the ruins until the Thalmor reinforcements arrive. They have a sky-key in their camp. It'll let them walk right into the ruins, unless you get it first. Interested?
Hero: I'll get that key. Goodbye. om destruction.
Mariel the Ironhand: Search the tents around the ruins. Let's meet at the ruins' entry, straight back from the stone steps.
Hero: What is this place? Goodbye.
Mariel the Ironhand: It's an Ayleid ruin. The stormwardens use it as a sanctuary for the Sphere of Storms. Might I say this isn't the best time to be chatting away? The Sea Vipers aren't going to wait on us before getting to the sphere.
Hero: Who exactly are you?
Mariel the Ironhand: Me, I'm just a soldier. I keep the area secure for the stormwardens. Usually. I left for a bit and came back to see the Sea Vipers tramping over the ruins. Been a while since I've had some exercise. I arranged my warmest welcome for our invaders.
Hero: What is the Sphere of Storms?
Mariel the Ironhand: Some magic Ayleid device. The entire ruin was built around focusing its power. Does a good number with controlling the weather, in the right hands. The stormwardens use it and protect the sphere, and have for centuries.
Hero: Who are the stormwardens?
Mariel the Ironhand: They're Bosmer who've sworn to protect the sphere. Some say they learned how to use the sphere from the Ayleids themselves. They use the sphere to defend the coast, tend the forest, stuff like that. Sort of like monks who control lightning.

Mariel the Ironhand: Lucky shot from one of those Sea Vipers. Looks like I'll have to postpone those dancing lessons. Did you find the sky-key?
Hero: Yes, I have it.
Mariel the Ironhand: At least someone else had some luck. Take the key inside and find the stormwardens. With this last sky-key in their possession, they'll be as safe as torchbugs in amber.
Hero: [Persuade] Any idea what I'll find in the ruins? I'd like to go in prepared.
Mariel the Ironhand: Sea Vipers, so get ready for some action. The stormwardens probably sealed themselves off by now. It's going to be a real puzzle to get in there.
Hero: Puzzle? What kind of puzzle?
Mariel the Ironhand: It's the first line of defense for the stormwardens. Look for the constellation tiles. Activate the Tower, Shadow, Lover, and Thief tiles in that order. If you forget, I'm sure you can figure it out by looking around the ruins.
Hero: Will you be all right?
Mariel the Ironhand: This little gut wound? I've had worse. Once, an enraged hoarvor... but really, this isn't the time for stories. We'll swap adventures when you come back, eh?
Hero: How did the Sea Vipers learn about the sphere?
Mariel the Ironhand: I can't be sure, but I suspect Firras is behind this. He was a stormwarden, but left in a huff about a week ago. I think he was upset about how the others were using the sphere. Rather, how they weren't using it.

Stormwarden Cirnean: You don't look like one of those tree-cutter Sea Vipers. I'll assume that means you can be trusted. Is Mariel safe? Is help coming?
Hero: Mariel sent me with the sky-key.
Stormwarden Cirnean: At last, some good news! Z'en willing, Firras'll pay for his treachery. But we have more pressing concerns at the moment. The enemy is at our gate and knocking most vigorously.
Hero: Who is Firras?
Stormwarden Cirnean: Once, we called him stormwarden. Now, he's nothing more than a petulant child. He demanded we use the sphere for selfish purposes. He even spoke of turning against the Thalmor! We refused and cast him out, but before he gave away his sky-key.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Stormwarden Cirnean: The sphere is waning. If it isn't recharged soon, our defenses will fall. We have a source of power available in the storm atronachs. Their thunderstones should be enough to maintain the sphere. We'd be in your debt if you could obtain some.
Hero: Where can I find the storm atronachs?
Stormwarden Cirnean: Through the door and down the hall. They gather throughout the ruins when the sphere is active. Once you have the thunderstones, look for two receptacles in the great hall. That's where we drain power into the Sphere of Storms.
Hero: Then what?
Stormwarden Cirnean: Run! We'll use the extra power to seal these ruins completely. If you don't get out quickly, you'll be stuck with us until the invasion is over. Tell Mariel we'll send for her when the doors reopen.

Master Stormwarden Faranwe: For a savage, you show promise. Just a bit, mind you. Perhaps one more act will earn you my respect.
Hero: And what would that be?
Master Stormwarden Faranwe: The traitor, Firras. He must die. I will not suffer betrayal in my order. Insubordination deserves death. Letting the enemy into our fortress has called the fury of the storm!

Master Stormwarden Faranwe: Seems you're worth something after all. Perhaps once the wards are unsealed, they'll consider you a stormwarden recruit.
Hero: What wards are you talking about? Goodbye.
Master Stormwarden Faranwe: Why, the ones your fellows are sealing, now that the sphere has sufficient power. Firras is dead, so they can close all escapes without worry. You, on the other hand, should worry about your own escape.
Hero: How do I escape here? Goodbye.
Master Stormwarden Faranwe: If you go up the stairs, an army awaits. Dangerous, but it'd be entertaining to see you fight your way through the Sea Vipers. There's another way, if you're interested. Only for a friend of the stormwardens.
Hero: What way would that be? Goodbye.
Master Stormwarden Faranwe: There's a hidden sally port beneath a stone table, just around the corner. Give it a good shove, and you'll find yourself outside the lower level. It's the last exit to seal, but don't dally. Or let those Maormer cretins see you.

Mariel the Ironhand: Back already? How're the other stormwardens? I can hardly wait to give those Sea Vipers a good thrashing.
Hero: They've sealed the ruins. No one can get in or out.
Mariel the Ironhand: Well. They'll be stuck in there for Y'ffre knows how long. At least the sphere's safe from the Sea Vipers. The stormwardens won't forget your help. May the storm travel before you, as they say.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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