The Summer Site [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Falinesti Summer Site is a legendary seasonal location for the Wood Elves Walking City. But the city hasnt been seen in Tamriel for centuries. Now, something is happening at the Summer Site. I need to investigate the valley in hopes of discovering some clue as to the strange events that occured here recently.

Tharuin the Melancholy: You'll be disappointed if you've come to visit Falinesti. The Walking City is still missing and something's amiss in the valley. Take my advice and leave while you can.
Hero: Why? What's happened? Goodbye.
Tharuin the Melancholy: Barothlas and i hoped this would be the year Falinesti returned to its Summer Site. We found nothing but a hole in the ground at first. Then a few days ago, we saw flashes of lightning in the valley!
Hero: Lightning?
Tharuin the Melancholy: We thought it might be a sign the city was returning! When we got closer, we felt uncomfortable, unable to breathe. And then the lightning hit Barothlas, so we retreated. What do you think's going on in the valley?
Hero: Not sure, but I'll take a look.
Tharuin the Melancholy: I noticed peculiar standing stones. They weren't here last year. I'll bet they've got something to do with whatever's happening. If more of the faithful come to the Summer Site, they could walk into a trap.
Hero: Who are the faithful?
Tharuin the Melancholy: Those of us who seek the Walking City. We believe Falinesti will return someday, so we travel the same route the city once took. We won't abandon our search for Falinesti, or its people.
Hero: What is the Summer Site? Goodbye.
Tharuin the Melancholy: It's one of four sites visited by Falinesti. The Walking City moves, or moved, with the seasons, traveling between its Fall, Winter, Spring, and, of course, Summer Sites. This valley was once the Summer Site.

Projection: The magicka, it fades too quickly! I can't correct for the fluctuations in time. No! Wait... is someone there? Quickly! If you ever want to see the city again, come to me!
Hero: Who are you? Where are you? Goodbye.
Projection: There's no time! Once the magicka fades .... Oh, never mind! Meet me in the small cave past the menhir, across the planks. Quickly!
Hero: On my way.

Farandare: At last! Someone with the power to aid my efforts. I am Farandare, and I've spent my lifetime trying to rescue the city of Falinesti. With your help, I may be able to do it.
Hero: You know where the city is? Goodbye.
Farandare: Yes. There are many theories about what happened to the Walking City. I believe it was drawn into Oblivion and trapped there, with all its population. At last, I've found a way to open a portal large enough to rescue it.
Hero: In this little cave? Goodbye.
Farandare: No, not in this one. This little cave's my haven. My refuge. Saving Falinesti is my pilgrimage, but everytime I move forward, something pushes back. And yet, I'm sure I can save the Walking City.
Hero: What can I do?
Farandare: Near each of the standing stones in the valley is a nearly imperceptible Oblivion tear. Leftovers from my earlier experiments, but they're letting Daedra in. A mortal's touch will close them. Once one is closed, the other three must be shut quickly.
Hero: Quickly? Why?
Farandare: First, I must time my ritual with each closure. This area is unstable, and the tears would open up again in a few minutes. I can't both close the tears and perform the ritual. I need your help.
Hero: You said "first?"
Farandare: The second reason is the Daedra will open a portal in the valley and summon more of their kind. You must fight your way to each tear, then meet me at my laboratory within the northern cave. Are you ready?
Hero: Yes, let's get started.

Farandare: Darling! Can you hear me? I'll save you! It's working! I can feel it! The portal opens!
Hero: That looks a lot like the portal the Daedra were coming through. Goodbye.
Farandare: Does it? Then they must be blocking the city, too! We're too close to give in now. You must stop them! Clear a path for the city. No! I'm not ready. Give me a moment.
Hero: Yes! I'm ready for whatever comes through that portal!

Farandare: This can't be! I can't sense his presence at all! Too many variables to track ... my husband, all of Falinesti. They're so close! So close! The Walking City must still be trapped in Oblivion! We have to try again!
Hero: Nothing will come through that portal but more Daedra. Goodbye.
Farandare: That can't be true! All these years ... all my research. They all point to one thing: my husband is trapped in Oblivion! Don't you see? We must try again!
Hero: Please, do more research. You can't reach Falinesti this way.
Farandare: You can't be ... you're not.... No, you're right. But I'm convinced my theory's right, too. Falinesti's in Oblivion. I must find it. I will try again.
Hero: Good luck with your research, Farandare.
Farandare: I was right about you. You've been strong enough to help me see my own weakness. Well. Back to work then. I'm sure I'll be able to find a way.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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