The Soul Trap [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 34

Text of the Quest:

Someones soul is trapped in an Ayleid tomb within Abamath. A puzzle lock prevents her from escaping. I must figure out the puzzle trapping Khannis soul. She said words can solve the puzzle, starting with the poem about the Warrior.

Ayleid Sarcophagus: No! Don't touch the tomb! You'll be trapped forever with Khanni! Those I hired as protection tricked me into this tomb and left me to rot. Thieves! I shouldn't have trusted them.
Hero: You speak? Goodbye.
Ayleid Sarcophagus: By Baan Dar's ears, of course Khanni speaks! Look for stars on the walls, and poetry for a warrior. I tried, but I cannot read. Those traitors said the words can solve the puzzle. Please, free me from this tomb.
Hero: I'll see what I can do.

Khanni: Khanni is free! You're so kind to help me.
Hero: Glad I could help.
Khanni: Khanni thanks you for saving her soul from that prison. No treasure can repay you for my freedom.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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