The Staff of Magnus [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 26

Text of the Quest:

Queen Ayrenn must deal with the aftermath of her brothers betrayal and settle matters in Grahtwood. In the meantime, she asked me to travel to Marbruk, in Greenshade, and secure the Staff of Magnus from its vault. My first task is to meet Captain Sarandil in the city of Marbruk.

Queen Ayrenn: I don't intend to tell anyone what my brother did. As far as I'm concerned, he died trying to help me, not usurp my throne.
Hero: What now?
Queen Ayrenn: The Staff of Magnus.
Hero: What do you mean? What is the Staff of Magnus?
Queen Ayrenn: A powerful object with the ability to suppress magic. Dangerous, were it to fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, we already possess it. Go to Marbruk in eastern Greenshade. Speak to Captain Sarandil about securing the staff. I'll follow soon after.
Hero: I'll secure the staff. Your Highness.

Captain Sarandil: Hail, chosen of the queen. We have been expecting you.
Hero: What do you need?
Captain Sarandil: Queen Ayrenn sent a missive detailing your arrival and orders. You are here to secure the Staff of Magnus.
Hero: Where is it?
Captain Sarandil: Safe, in our vault below the city. We have guarded it day and night. When you are ready, I shall show you into the vault.
Hero: All right, let's go.

Captain Sarandil: Our ancestors have left traces of their civilization across Tamriel. If we follow Queen Ayrenn, our empire will one day rival theirs.
Hero: Let's move on.

Captain Sarandil: By the shining trees of Aldmeris. We have been burgled, but how?
Hero: That staff was an illusion. Where's the real one?
Captain Sarandil: I know not! We have guarded the vault day and night. I placed the staff myself.
Hero: Has anyone else entered the vault?
Captain Sarandil: No. The vault is off limits to all but... wait. Vicereeve Pelidil recently toured the vault.
Hero: Why was he here?
Captain Sarandil: The queen's business, or so he stated. The staff was present before his visit, but I did not check after he left.
Hero: Do you think the vicereeve stole the Staff of Magnus?
Captain Sarandil: Unthinkable, yet... what other conclusion can we draw? Such illusionary magic is beyond the ken of a common thief. To the surface. I must question the watch.
Hero: I'll meet you there.

Captain Sarandil: None have entered the vault save you and the vicereeve. I have confirmed it.
Hero: Where is Vicereeve Pelidil now?
Captain Sarandil: He departed into the wilderness. He said he had orders from the queen to bring Naemon's body. He did not return. He was always foolishly devoted to the prince. I pray nothing has happened to the prince's body, too.
Hero: What do you suspect?
Captain Sarandil: The Staff of Magnus is an extremely powerful object. There's no telling what wickedness he could achieve, if he desired it. Rest assured, he would not have accessed the vault if we'd had any suspicion of his loyalty. Someone must inform the queen.
Hero: I'll handle it.

Queen Ayrenn: Honor and praise, my friend. Do you have the Staff of Magnus?
Hero: The staff is gone. Vicereeve Pelidil stole it.
Queen Ayrenn: Pelidil? Then it's true. He's betrayed us. My brother's body didn't make it to Marbruk either. I knew he loved Naemon dearly, but I didn't think he'd stoop to this. I will once again require your aid.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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