The Unfilled Order [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

I found a dead adventurer in Barrow Trench. They entered the mine to collect rare ingredients for an alchemist in Woodhearth. The unfortunate adventurer collected two ingredients, but died searching for the third. I should start by picking up the ingredients they already collected.

Delivery Contract: This contract must have been undertaken by the unfortunate adventurer who died here.
Hero: Read the note
Delivery Contract: "Contract: To acquire and deliver alchemical ingredients. All can be found in the depths of the Barrow Trench, an abandoned mine near the border of Malabal Tor. Ingredients required:"
Hero: Continue reading
Delivery Contract: "(Speckled Stinkhorn Cap): the more pungent, the better. (Radish): any radish will do. (Blanched Russula Cap): A white mushroom. Not to be confused with Emetic Russula. Found in coastal caves, such as Barrow Trench. Deliver to Vadelen Indothan in Woodhearth to claim payment."
Hero: lf I collect a Blanched Russula Cap, I can complete the contract and obtain the payments

Vadelen Indothan: Useless laybouts. Rank amateurs! It was just a simple list of ingredients. How hard can it be?
Hero: I found your contract in Barrow Trench. I have your ingredients.
Vadelen Indothan: Truly? You have all three? Quickly, let me see. Yes. These will do. Satisfactory. Here, take your payment. At last, I can join my five-clawed brothers. I can be the predator I was born to be!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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