The Spinners Tale [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 24

Text of the Quest:

Though Aranias was sent by the Veiled Heritance to kill him, the Wilderking believes she has actually come for another reason, and that our destinies are intertwined. The Wilderking asked me to seek out the Spinner Mariun at an old abandoned house in Valenwood. There I might learn more about Aranias true purpose for coming here and what my role in this story should be.

Wilderking: Like the branches of a Graht Oak, I believe that Aranias' destiny, my destiny, and your destiny are all intertwined. I cannot yet see how these events will play out, but I do know that like Aranias, you must come deeper into the forest.
Hero: Where do I need to go?
Wilderking: You must eventually come to my throne, but not yet. Each of us is a strand to be spun into the story of Valenwood. You should seek out the spinner, Maruin. He can tell us how this story began, and where it should end.
Hero: What about Andur and Aranias? Will you be safe?
Wilderking: Yes. Traveling through Valenwood is a funny thing. It may take them many days to find the path to my throne. You have all the time you need. Find the Spinner's Cottage and speak to Maruin. Safe journeys, my friend. All right. I'll look for Spinner Maruin then.

Spinner Maruin: i was beginning to think you wouldn't make it. I've already begun Aranias' story.
Hero: The Wilderking told me to find you.
Spinner Maruin: Yes. Of course. I have been waiting for you for some time. The story needs you to play a part in the present... and in the past.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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