The Emerald Chalice [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

The Emerald Chalice Lady Clarisse Laurent is on the trail of the Emerald Chalice, a relic stolen from the Mages Guild by the exiled Nord mage, Malofar. She tracked him here to Breagha-Fin. Lady Laurent has asked me to enter in search of the stolen Mages Guild relic and the missing hirelings she sent in earlier to find it.


Enter Breagha-Fin

Lady Clarisse Laurent: Ah, wonderful! You're just in time. I'm in urgent need of assistance. In fact, I just said to my man Stibbons, "Stibbons, we are in urgent need of assistance." And here you are!
Hero: Do you need help?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: I'm looking for a cup. Not just any cup, mind you. A Mages Guild cup. They call it the Emerald Chalice. The Nord mage, Malofar, stole this relic. I offered my assistance and tracked Malofar here to Breagha-Fin—home to a group of Nord exiles.
Hero: What sort of help do you need?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Patience! I was just getting to that. I acquired a few hirelings and sent them in to look around. They haven't returned. Now I need someone to go in there and find the Emerald Chalice. And my lazy hirelings, as well, of course.
Hero: All right. I'll go in and look around.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: I knew I could count on you! If you find that blasted cup, you will have my eternal gratitude.

Strange Goblin: Wait, you there! I'm not a ... not a Goblin!
Hero: What are you? Get out of my way.
Strange Goblin: No! Listen! Oop! Oop! Breton. Breton!
Hero: What happened to you?
Strange Goblin: Not... not here. I can show you way out. Make sure Goblins ... leave you alone. Follow me ... ack!

Strange Goblin: Ack ... ook ... gah! Now we can talk safely.
Hero: What did you want to tell me?
Strange Goblin: This ... Lady Laurent's fault! We told her about... Goblins!
Hero: You're one of the people she hired to help her?
Strange Goblin: We had contract. And the lady ... pays well. She wanted stupid cup. She needs to know ... the cost of recovering the cup. H
Hero: ow did you end up as a Goblin?
Strange Goblin: Ack! Oop! The stupid cup! Anyone who drinks from the cup turns into a Goblin! And the cup's owner can control them.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: You've returned! Smashing! Were you able to recover the Emerald Chalice?
Hero: Yes, I was.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: Wonderful! Please, set it on the table. I want to take a good look at the thing before I pack it up and take it back to the Mages Guild.
Hero: I learned the secret of the Emerald Chalice.
Lady Clarisse Laurent:
Hero: Anyone who drinks from the chalice is turned into a Goblin.
Lady Clarisse Laurent: A Goblin, eh? That explains what happened to the Nords. And, I suppose, that's why they call this relic the Emerald Chalice. Goblins are greenish, you see. Well, now we know.
Hero: Can you reverse the magic of the chalice?
Lady Clarisse Laurent: I suppose I might be able to. I would need a little blood. Stibbons, hold out your arm. This won't hurt a bit.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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