The Ladys Keepsake [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 27

Text of the Quest:

The Ladys Keepsake I met and at their camp along the roadside. Theyre fleeing for their lives from their ransacked farmstead. Lothson told me that of all the things theyve lost, a necklace—a family heirloom—was the one that hurt Marien the most. He told me its likely in the ruins known as Orcs Finger. If I get it back, it might g I've Marien the strength to go on.


Find the Inquisitor Niare

Lothson Cold-Eye: Our farm ... everything we owned. It's all gone.
Hero: What happened?
Lothson Cold-Eye: You'll hear our story repeated around Rivenspire, I expect. The roads just aren't safe anymore. Bandits from the Ore's Finger Ruins hit our farm. They slaughtered livestock and looted the place. We only escaped because we hid. Then we ran.
Hero: At least you managed to escape.
Lothson Cold-Eye: Until the next disaster befalls us. Marien ... she lost her necklace. A family heirloom. You look capable. I have to stay with her, get her to Shornhelm. Would you go after these bandits? Try to find her necklace?
Hero: I'll try to find the necklace.
Lothson Cold-Eye: Thank you for even considering this. Look for us in Shornhelm if you find it. The necklace ... it's been in her family for hundreds of years. I think that necklace meant more to her than the farm.

Lothson Cold-Eye: Not sure what's more surprising—that we made it to Shornhelm or that you did. Did you find Marien's necklace?
Hero: Yes, here it is.
Lothson Cold-Eye: Shor's bones, you did it! Thank you. With this, Marien will make a full recovery. I know it. I may even get up the nerve to ask for her hand. Heh!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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