The Crown of Shornhelm [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 25

Text of the Quest:

The Crown of Shornhelm Now that the threat to Rivenspire has been dealt with, theres still the matter of crowning a true ruler for the region. High King Emeric has decided to name a ruler to lead Rivenspire. He asked me to g I've him a recommendation. I should decide if I think Baron Dorell or Countess Tamrith will make a better ruler for Rivenspire.


Overriden Choose House Tamrith Overriden Choose House Derell

Gwendis: I need a little time to say my farewells. Don't worry about me. I won't do anything stupid. I promise. But you need to get back to Shornhelm. Without Verandis there, they're going to need your help to figure out what happens next.
Hero: What do you mean?
Gwendis: All of this, it happened because Rivenspire doesn't have a true leader. If that doesn't change, it won't be long before the region falls into chaos once more. At least, that's what Verandis used to say.
Hero: And what about you?
Gwendis: I'll find my way. Verandis taught me well. And Adusa's back at the manor. She'll keep me company. Things will be all right. It'll just take time. Now go. Get out of here and go help the High King choose a ruler for Rivenspire.
Hero: I'm on my way to Shornhelm.

High King Emeric: So here we are. Baron Montclair's dead and that damn artifact is destroyed. Yes. You can pat yourself on the back all right. You've saved Rivenspire and that's no small thing. You do realize this creates a predicament for me, though, don't you?
Hero: What is the problem?
High King Emeric: Well, I can't very well go on pretending the nobles can share the throne. Everyone knows what a colossal mistake I made there. I'm going to have to crown someone—a king or a queen of Shornhelm, someone to rule Rivenspire, don't you think?
Hero: It does look like the people are expecting that.
High King Emeric: Exactly. So I have to choose. Countess Tamrith or Baron Dorell. Frankly, since you've recently fought alongside the two of them, I would appreciate your counsel. Speak to them if you wish, think about it, and then give me your recommendation.

Baron Alard Dorell: We've come through much to reach this point. We won a battle for the very soul of Rivenspire. Now comes the responsibility of rebuilding the kingdom. I hope High King Emeric gives me the opportunity to lead us through the difficulties ahead.
Hero: You think the High King should crown you as King of Shornhelm?
Baron Alard Dorell: I do. I've come to respect Countess Tamrith. She's a bright, young woman. But she's not qualified to rule the kingdom. The coming days demand decisive leadership and a firm hand. You know that as well as I. That makes me the perfect choice.
Hero: What would be your top priority as king?
Baron Alard Dorell: First things first. We need to rebuild our defenses. The Shornhelm Guard has been decimated by this civil war, and we'll need to recruit and retrain hundreds of young men and women to restore our strength.

Countess Eselde Tamrith: It's a miracle that we survived and triumphed over Montclair. Thanks, in no small part, to my steady leadership. May Arkay grant the High King the wisdom to see that I am the best choice to lead Rivenspire.
Hero: You think the High King should crown you as Queen of Shornhelm?
Countess Eselde Tamrith: I do. Baron Dorell is a good man, but he can be dangerously short-tempered and is far too quick to act. Shornhelm has had enough impetuous rulers in its history. We need a thoughtful ruler who truly has the people's best interests at heart.
Hero: What will be your first priority if you're crowned queen?
Countess Eselde Tamrith: Helping the people of Rivenspire recover. So many of the kingdom's subjects have been displaced. So many have lost loved ones. We must do what we can to restore the people's faith and get their lives back to at least a semblance of normalcy.

High King Emeric: Take as much time as you like, my friend. It's only the High King and the entire kingdom of Rivenspire waiting.
Hero: I'm ready to give you my recommendation.
High King Emeric: Good. Though I do hope you've given the matter due consideration. This isn't like choosing which tunic to wear in the morning. It will affect many lives and the future of the Daggerfall Covenant. Tell me then. House Tamrith or House Dorell?
Hero: Countess Tamrith should rule.
Hero: Baron Dorell should rule.
Hero: Actually, I'm still considering my decision.
High King Emeric: The brave Baron Dorell, then. I know he is a valiant warrior, and I expect he will make a wise and honorable king. King Alard of Shornhelm. It even has a nice ring to it.
Hero: I think King Alard will be an excellent ruler.
High King Emeric: Then it's decided. Thank you for your counsel. Both King Alard and myself will be in your debt. After all you've done, there's no reward that can express my gratitude, but please accept this gift. I'd feel guilty if I didn't give you something.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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