The Drublog of Drabul [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

The Green Lady believes the Wood Orc clan of Drabul, the Drublog, would not have attacked Velyn Harbor under normal circumstances. She needs to take some time to visit with local leaders in Velyn Harbor before going to Drabul. I should speak to

The Green Lady: The sergeant said Velyn Harbor would have fallen without you. Honor to meet you—I'm the Green Lady. The, uh, the new one. I could use your help. The Drublog clan usually side with my people in times of war. We need to learn what changed.
Hero: How do we do that?
The Green Lady: I'm going to Dra'bul, the Wood Ores' nearest settlement. If The Silvenar arrives, I'll send him on ahead. When you can, I'd appreciate your help in Dra'bul. You have a spear in this pig too, since you fought the Drublog here.
Hero: Why don't we just go together?
The Green Lady: To be blunt, you couldn't keep up. Don't be offended. I can travel through the forest at great speed. I'll perform a few emissarial duties here, and still beat you to Dra'bul.
Hero: All right, then we'll meet in Dra'bul.
The Green Lady: Velyn Harbor's been preparing for my wedding, so I have to take the time to meet with the locals. Don't worry! I'll still beat you to Dra'bul.
Hero: When the Silvenar arrives, will he be safe?
The Green Lady: He'll be as safe as his entourage can make him. Don't worry. I may embody the physical prowess of the Wood Elves, but the Silvenar has all our spiritual strength. That's why our union is so important to my people.
Hero: What do you mean?
The Green Lady: The Bosmer were once carefree, untroubled by things beyond Valenwood. With changing times, we also changed. The Silvenar holds the spiritual essence of the Bosmer, and the Green Lady holds the physical aspects. Each generation, we renew our vows.
Hero: Who are you, exactly?
The Green Lady: My name is Gwaering, and I've only recently become the Green Lady. The former Green Lady, my aunt Finoriell, died while traveling on behalf of the Dominion's Queen. At her death, my destiny was revealed, and I began the necessary rituals.
Hero: What sort of rituals?
The Green Lady: Too many, if you want to know the truth! Still, it's important for the Bosmer to see the Silvenar and Green Lady married. It keeps us stable. I'm proud of my heritage, and have renounced my worldly obligations in order to become the Green Lady.

The Green Lady: Seems I've a lot to thank you for. I didn't expect you to go off and save my sister while I was away. Glad you made it here in one piece.
Hero: Have you spoken to the Drublog yet?
The Green Lady: No. Well, I've spoken to them, but gotten no answers. This may take a little more effort than I first estimated.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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