The Hounds Men [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

The Green Ladys sister, may have been kidnapped from , a village famous for being the birthplace of several previous incarnations of the Green Lady as well. The guard suggested Lanwaen might have been kidnapped by the Houndsmen. I should talk to Treethane Nilara and see what she can tell me.

Rondor: Not many walk these roads lately. What brings you to Deepwoods?
Hero: I'm just a traveler exploring the area.
Rondor: A traveler, eh? Then welcome to Deepwoods. Pilgrims like you came from all over Valenwood to pray at the shrine of the Green Lady before. Not many lately, though.
Hero: What happened? Goodbye.
Rondor: You haven't heard about the kidnapping? Werewolves took the Green Lady's own sister, Lanwaen! And then, there's the Houndsmen .... Go see Treethane Nilara. We could use all the help we can get. I
Hero: 'll talk to Treethane Nilara. Where will I find her?
Rondor: Head up to the village, please. What with all the werewolves and Lanwaen taken ... we're a bit overwhelmed.
Hero: Where's Treethane Nilara?
Rondor: Treethane Nilara's praying in the middle of the village at the Green Lady's shrine. She wanted to search for Lanwaen, but we're not strong enough to face a pack of werewolves or Houndsmen.
Hero: Who is the Green Lady?
Rondor: Gwaering was born and raised in Deepwoods! She's our current Green Lady. Several were born here. The Green Lady represents our physical nature, just as the Silvenar represents our spirituality.
Hero: Who's the Silvenar?
Rondor: The Silvenar is our spiritual leader, and can be either male or female. Each generation brings with it a new Silvenar and Green Lady. Once they marry, the Bosmer's feral and spiritual sides unite, bringing us balance.
Hero: Who are the Houndsmen? Goodbye.
Rondor: They're bondsmen of the Hound, a mortal agent for the Daedric Prince Hircine. We've seen quite a few of them lately, up near Hircine's shrine.

Treethane Nilara: As I've already told the others, we must look for Lanwaen soon, or there's no hope of finding her. Who will tell the Green Lady her sister's gone then? Who?
Hero: I'd like to help.
Treethane Nilara: Praise Y'ffre! This means a lotto me! Lanwaen hasn't returned from her hunt. When she goes out, she normally returns the following morning with her kill, but we haven't seen or heard from her in days.
Hero: Is anyone else searching for her? Goodbye.
Treethane Nilara: Lanwaen's husband, Haron, headed out with Oraneth and Ungiras. I've prayed more would help find Lanwaen, but we've seen both werewolves and Houndsmen near.
Hero: Where should I start my search? Goodbye.
Treethane Nilara: Lanwaen usually hunts near the southern falls. That's where Haron said they'd start the search. If she encountered a foe, she might have loosed her entire quiver defending herself. I'd keep an eye out for arrows and follow any signs of struggle.
Hero: I'll catch up with the others.
Treethane Nilara: Thank you. It would be a shame if we were to lose two of the Green Lady's relatives to the Houndsmen in one shot. Y'ffre guide you in your search.
Hero: I'd like to know more about the search party.
Treethane Nilara: Haron is a powerful fighter, but there are werewolves and Houndsmen out there. I asked him to wait for reinforcements, but he left immediately with his apprentice, Ungiras. Oraneth is Lanwaen's cousin, but she's no warrior herself.
Hero: Who are the Houndsmen?
Treethane Nilara: They serve the Hound, a servant of Hircine. If the rumors are true, and they kidnapped Lanwaen, I don't know why. She's sister to our sacred Green Lady. Whatever their cause, it cannot be good.
Hero: Why are they here?
Treethane Nilara: We don't know. Everyone's so upset, they've gone a bit mad, seeing things that can't be true. One of the villagers said she saw Cirithor, but he's dead. Lost to a pack of wolves when his parents were attacked. We never did find his body.

Backpack: The backpack appears to have been dropped hastily. Beside it, footprints dig deep into the mud, as when someone pushes off to run. Other footprints scattered about, both Wood Elves and werewolf, point toward the runner's path.

Ungiras: Ungiras died recently, blood still oozing from his wounds.
Hero: Continue examining. Goodbye.
Ungiras: Ungiras's body appears to have been shredded by claws from behind. It looks like the search party was ambushed.

Oraneth: Shh! They'll hear you!
Hero: Are you all right? Goodbye.
Oraneth: I ... I think so. The werewolves attacked as we followed this trail. One of the beasts knocked my blade out of my hand and nearly took my head off before I fled. I hope Haron got away.
Hero: Did you find Lanwaen?
Oraneth: We found her backpack and a few personal items at the falls, but nothing more. And then, the werewolves ambushed us along the trail.
Hero: Where does the trail lead?
Oraneth: It connects to an old path leading to Hircine's shrine, but I haven't been that way in ages. It makes sense the Houndsmen might set up camp there. I saw a few more arrows and corpses along the path, so maybe Lanwaen held her own.
Hero: Head back to the village. I'll try to find Haron.
Oraneth: Good luck. May Y'ffre guide you.

Haron: Come no closer until you've stated your business.
Hero: I came to search for Lanwaen. Goodbye.
Haron: Ah, good. Werewolves attacked us. I wounded a few of the beasts and got away, but not before they tore into Ungiras. I'd hoped these Houndsmen might hold clues, but nothing. Have you seen Oraneth? Is she safe?
Hero: She's alive. I sent her back to the village. Goodbye.
Haron: Praise Y'ffre! I told her this search might prove dangerous, but she wouldn't hear me. She and Lanwaen are cousins, and blood runs deep.
Hero: Are you hurt? Looks like this was quite a fight. Goodbye.
Haron: No. These shafts are Lanwaen's handiwork. Only she and the Green Lady could weave such sweet death with a bow. I've seen too many of her arrows. She might have used the last on these three fools.
Hero: How will we find her? Goodbye.
Haron: The Houndsmen have come and gone from the campsite near the old shrine to Hircine. If you'll search the camp, I'll do my best to track the patrols. One or the other will lead us to Lanwaen.
Hero: I'll search the camp. Meet back here?
Haron: There's a small alcove nearby. An old hermit's den. I'll wait for you there. Baan Dar be with you, friend.

Bow: The bow is finely crafted and light to the touch, an elegant weapon. An inscription is carved just below the grip, "For Lanwaen, my moon and stars." Haron will want this.

Haron: The patrols led me in circles. It was a complete waste of time. Have you found anything?
Hero: I found Lanwaen's bow and this note. Cirithor's hiding her in a cave. Goodbye.
Haron: This bow goes everywhere with Lanwaen! She wouldn't give it up willingly. It was an engagement gift from her father. There's only one cave nearby which might serve to hide her. It's not far.
Hero: How should we proceed? Goodbye.
Haron: Cirithor must die for what he's done. To kidnap the Green Lady's sister, my wife! The fool condemned himself by his actions. Let's go to the cave and end this!
Hero: I'm with you. Goodbye.
Haron: Good. I hope Lanwaen is unharmed.

Haron: We need to get back to Deepwoods before the cave fills with werewolves or Houndsmen.
Hero: Lanwaen is injured.
Haron: She says she's all right. We should get moving. Lanwaen's been through enough battles to know her limits.
Hero: Follow me.
Haron: Lead on. We'll be right behind you.

Lanwaen: Home at last. I can't thank you enough for saving us!
Hero: We got here together.
Lanwaen: Haron and I need to rest now. Please, tell Treethane Nilara we're home safely. Stop by to see us before you leave town. And ... thank you. Y'ffre bless you!

Treethane Nilara: You've returned? Does this mean Lanwaen is safe?
Hero: Lanwaen and Haron are safe now.
Treethane Nilara: Joyous news! The Green Lady must hear of this. I sent a Jaqspur scout to her when Oraneth returned, and now we must send another with this report. You've done us a service, and have our deepest gratitude.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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