The Dark Night of the Soul [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Hengekeeper Lara must take root in Treehenge before the Worm Cult can corrupt her soul. The cultists are destroying the spriggans who tend and protect the roots of Treehenge. I need to stop them before its too late.

Hengekeeper Lara: Finoriell can't stay with me for long. If she weakens much more, she'll never take root in Treehenge. And if that doesn't happen, well....
Hero: What did the matrons say?
Hengekeeper Lara: They sense the Worm Cult grows desperate. Finoriell must join Treehenge before the Worm Cult can capture her again. The fiends have turned to the spriggans for information.
Hero: What are the cultists doing?
Hengekeeper Lara: They're tormenting them! Driving them mad! They must know the spriggans are the true guardians of the grove. You've got to help them before they're completely destroyed!
Hero: I'll do my best.

Spriggan Matron: Your courage and compassion are welcome, but I fear it’s far too late for anything to be done.
Hero: Too late? What do you mean?
Spriggan Matron: The cultists have all but destroyed us. They kill Treehenge from the roots. Finoriell must live if we are to heal.
Hero: How can I save her?
Spriggan Matron: The cavern you first entered holds Treehenge's roots. Within is the holy seed, cast off from the first sprout. Find it and bring it to Finoriell. It will allow her to root and flourish.
Hero: Take me there.

Spriggan Matron: This seed existed before the Green Pact, before the Bosmer learned to calm their forms. Before the Green Lady and the Silvenar. It will heal Finoriell. Take it to her before she dissipates.
Hero: How do I use it? Goodbye.
Spriggan Matron: It will act as a vessel for Finoriell's essence. Bring it to her and she will fill it. Be quick. Finoriell's lifeforce scatters to the winds. Take the seed, and I will send you to her.
Hero: All right.

Hengekeeper Lara: You're alive! I thought they might have taken you too ....
Hero: What's happened?
Hengekeeper Lara: They came! Finoriell's so weak, she couldn't fight back! One of the cultists captured her, but they didn't get far. I'd know if she left Treehenge!
Hero: Where are they now?
Hengekeeper Lara: Up the path, near the great tree at the center. They're trying to rip her from Treehenge. Finoriell's still fighting - you've got to save her! I don't know how long she'll last!

HengekeeperLara: Finoriell is with you? Can I see her?
Hero: She's very weak.
Hengekeeper Lara: There's nothing holding her together. Any moment, she could just disappear. I couldn't stop them before, but now ... I know what I must do.
Hero: She needs to be planted in Treehenge, right? Goodbye.
Hengekeeper Lara: The matrons said she's withering. Too weak to take root. But I won't let it end this way! I can give my life energy to Finoriell. It will give her the strength she needs.
Hero: Are you sure that's the only way?
Hengekeeper Lara: There's no time. She's fading away as we speak! I must make this sacrifice for the good of the henge ... for the good of the Bosmer.

Finoriell: I hear them. The matrons, the leaves, the drops of rain. The whole forest, all around us. And over it all, I can hear the Green Lady.
Hero: What happened to Hengekeeper Lara?
Finoriell: She gave her own lifeforce to save me. I couldn't take it all, not after all she's done for us. For now, she sleeps. We'll tend to her until she recovers from this ordeal.
Hero: Are you now part of Treehenge?
Finoriell: I... I think so. I can feel again. My roots go deep into the earth. It... stings a bit. The matrons want to thank you, but I fear their pride prevents them. So I will. Thank you.
Hero: You're welcome. Goodbye.
Finoriell: Because of you, I've finally joined my sisters. I feel like we're old friends already. Perhaps the four of us can heal the spriggans and drive the Worm Cult away for good. It'd be like being the Green Lady once again!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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