Teldurs End [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 6

Text of the Quest:

Teldurs End Teldur has kidnapped Canonreeve Valano and taken him into the manor. I need to stop Teldur. He was last seen entering the manor.


Find a Way Into Valano Manor

Elenwen: Thank the Eight I found you! Teldur has betrayed us!
Hero: Betrayed you? What happened?
Elenwen: Teldur asked Canonreeve Valano for a word outside. When they didn't return, I went to look for them. I caught a glimpse of them heading towards the manor. Teldur was holding a knife to my father's side!
Hero: The manor?
Elenwen: Our home, the Canonreeve's residence. Teldur's quarters are there, as well. Please, you must go there, quickly! I fear for my father's life!
Hero: I'll find them.
Elenwen: Teldur must answer for his crimes.
Hero: I have a few questions.
Elenwen: Go ahead.
Hero: Why would Teldur conspire to destroy his own town?
Elenwen: Perhaps the Veiled Heritance offered him wealth or power. They may have even offered to make him Canonreeve of a larger city. Who can say?
Hero: How can I get into the manor?
Elenwen: The front door is heavily guarded and almost certainly locked, but one of the guards should have a key. I've also heard there's an underground entrance. An old smuggling tunnel that leads to the beach. That might be your best bet.

Teldur: The Canonreeve ... betrayed us. Betrayed us all....
Hero: Elenwen said you were the betrayer!
Teldur: I... found proof. Canonreeve Valano ... member of the Veiled Heritance. Didn't want to believe. I confronted him. He ... tried to escape. Captured him ... brought him here. His men were waiting.
Hero: I need to get you some help.
Teldur: No! Too late for me. Must go! Stop Valano ... before he escapes.
Hero: Teldur?

Elenwen: Your valiant rescue of the First Auridon Marines was well-timed. They've driven off the last of the imposters. What news of the traitor, Teldur? Was Canonreeve Valano injured?
Hero: Teldur is dead, but he was no traitor. It was Canonreeve Valano all along.
Elenwen: My father was a traitor to the crown? Orchestrated an assault on his own people? Why? Why would you do this, father?
Hero: Complete Quest.

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