The First Patient [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 7

Text of the Quest:

The First Patient Velatosse is suspicious about the plagues origins. Shes asked me to look into the source of this mysterious illness. Velatosse is very upset that the mercenaries are guarding Hendils home as well as the quarantine area. She thinks the alchemist is hiding something. I should speak to the guard at the home, or find an alternate way in.


Velatosse: There's just something not right about this.
Hero: What do you mean?
Velatosse: Everyone in town is so grateful to Hendil. But I don't trust him. Or that little toad Amuur. My youngest son's been down there for a week! Why?
Hero: You don't think he's trying to help these people?
Velatosse: No, I don't. I think he's hiding something. Those mercenaries? They guard his house night and day. Please, I know you have no reason to trust me. But at least look? It's my son.
Hero: I'll look around in Hendil's home. For your son.
Velatosse: I'll meet you at my home when you're done. I live just behind Hendil. And I know, you must think I'm mad. But I can feel it. This is all wrong.
Hero: Wasn't Hendil's son the first infected?
Velatosse: I know, I know. I can't explain it. But the last few days, it seems like people don't become sick until after Hendil gives them the salve. Or perhaps I'm just reading too much into this. Either way.

Velatosse: They took him! They took Nelulin. Now both of my boys are locked away.
Hero: I'm sorry, Velatosse. I found a journal while I was searching Hendil's home.
Velatosse: What's he hiding? I'm not sure I understand all of this, but I was right! This plague, or whatever you want to call it, is all his fault.
Hero: Why would he create a plague?
Velatosse: No idea. But it's clear—whatever's going on has to be stopped. Please. I know you barely know me. But my sons are all I have. I don't know if I could go on. If they were to ....
Hero: I need to get into the mine, then.
Velatosse: Yes. And to do that you'll need to get past the mercenaries. The unsmiling thugs at the door won't give me the time of day. Maybe one of the others could be convinced to help you? Or maybe a disguise? I don't know.
Hero: I'll get past them, Velatosse.

Scout Taniril: Hmph. Quite the busybody about town, aren't you?
Hero: I am, actually! Can we talk about your fellow mercenaries?
Scout Taniril: Hmph. Depends on what you want to know.
Hero: Weil, I need to get inside the quarantine. Any ideas on how I could do that?
Scout Taniril: ril tell you. You mentioned quarantine. To say the truth, my coin purse isn't feeling all that well.
Hero: Let me guess? Your coin purse is hungry. [699 ]
Scout Taniril: Ha! That it is. Your best bet is to grab one of our uniforms from the cabinet in the bunkhouse. Anyone up there is sure to be sacked out. Won't notice a thing. Just don't tell 'em I sent you.
Hero: Thanks. Hope your coin purse feels better.

Scout Camenwen: You're new, right? Go on in. Just don't let them touch you.

Nelulin: Where am I? What happened?
Hero: Hendil and Amuur dragged you down here. They just ran off.
Nelulin: The quarantine? But everyone's sick down here. Am I going to die?
Hero: I don't know.
Nelulin: So tired. You have to find Hendil. Don't want to die.

Hendil: Please, go away. I'm just trying to protect my son.
Hero: What are you talking about? What's going on here? Goodbye.
Hendil: Tancano, my son. He's sick. I've been trying to hide it. But everything's gone wrong.
Hero: What's wrong with all of these people?
Hendil: My son. He feeds off of them. Then he bends them to his will. They become his thralls. I've been bringing people down here since he first got sick. Once I find the cure, I can set everything right!
Hero: This is just wrong.
Hendil: I just want my son back! Not this monster. Please, don't hurt him. I can still make this right. I can still—

Hendil: Oh, my son! I can't believe it. After everything I did to protect him ....
Hero: To protect him? What about all these people?
Hendil: I don't know. They were under Tancano—the monster's—control. I don't know what will happen now that he's gone. All we can do is hope.
Hero: You need to answer for what you've done here.
Hendil: I understand. I don't... I don't deserve freedom. Report me to Netanwe. She can take me in. I can't face all those families. Can I wait here?
Hero: How do I know you won't run?
Hendil: I won't run. I'll Tie me up. I'll wait for her to come for me.

Velatosse: Please. My sons. What's happened?
Hero: Hendil's salve was a drug. He was feeding people to his son Tancano—a vampire.
Velatosse: What? He's a monster! Who could do such a thing? Nelulin. Did you find him?
Hero: I found him just inside the entrance. I don't think the vampire got to him.
Velatosse: Thank the Stars. Wait, what about Iwelien? He's been in there so long!
Hero: I'm sorry, Velatosse. I was too late.
Velatosse: No! My boy. My Iwel. Hendil. Where is he? Where is that bottle-sniffer?
Hero: I left him tied up inside the mine. I was going to get the mercenary captain to
Velatosse: Stop. Just walk away. I appreciate what you tried to do, but.... Just walk away now.
Hero: [Hendil Dies] I was never here.
Velatosse: That's right. I'll collect Nelulin on the way out. I think maybe we'll retire to the countryside. That sounds nice.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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