Striking Back [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 42

Text of the Quest:

Striking Back King Emeric wants to liberate southern Bangkorai from Imperial control. He believes the key to that is tracking down Imperial Magus General Septima Tharn. I should search the city of Hallins Stand for signs of where Septima may be.


Search for Septima in Hallins Stand

High King Emeric: We gave the imperials a healthy kick in the buttocks, didn't we? I bet they don't stop running until they're behind the walls of Hallin's Stand! We will have to go after them ... of course.
Hero: Why do we have to go after them?
High King Emeric: For one thing, I still haven't seen Septima. I just have to find out how the years have treated the old girl. There's also the matter of liberating southern Bangkorai. It's Covenant territory, you know.
Hero: How do you propose we liberate southern Bangkorai?
High King Emeric: One grain of sand at a time, my friend, it's true we don't have the troops to go traipsing off into the desert, but one person can scout Hallin's Stand and see if Septima's there. If only I had a loyal and capable friend here ....
Hero: All right. I can go to Hallin's Stand then.
High King Emeric: Of course! You can go to Hallin's Stand! Fabulous idea! Yes, my friend. The key to driving the Imperials out of southern Bangkorai will be finding and ... eliminating the Magus General. If you'll track Septima down, we'll be halfway done.
Hero: What kind of place is Hallin's Stand?
High King Emeric: It's a magnificent city right in the middle of nowhere; only the gods know why the Redguards even built it. But it's changed hands many times over the centuries. Not a subject to bring up when you have Fahara'jad and Arzhela in the same room.
Hero: If we retake the city, who would get it?
High King Emeric: Queen Arzhela, of course, it's part of Bangkorai. Come to think of it, I don't even know why Fahara'jad wants it. Doesn't he have enough desert cities? You'd think he'd be lobbying for more territory in the wetlands for Mara's sake.
Hero: Can you tell me more about Septima Tharn?
High King Emeric: Ah, sweet Septima. I may have mentioned before, I actually met her when I was just coming of age, tagging along with my father to Cyrodiil. I took quite a fancy to her, but she mocked my advances most cruelly.
Hero: Why did she mock your advances?
High King Emeric: My father was just a merchant lord from Cumberland, come to kiss the Emperor's ring—I didn't realize it, but I was hardly a match for a Tharn. Even back then, Abnur Tharn would never have allowed his niece to be courted by someone like me.
Hero: What is the Imperials' strategy?
High King Emeric: I believe they were aiming to conquer all Bangkorai, but we've shown them that's not going to happen. Septima's likely plotting revenge now, but who knows? Her family's so corrupt with power and necromancy, their motives hardly make sense anymore.

Scout Nadira: Ah! King Emeric said you might be coming. The Imperials are here. Did you know this? The king and his men are preparing for an attack even now, though they are greatly outnumbered. I think it is good that you are here.
Hero: Indeed. It sounds like he needs me.
Scout Nadira: Hurry along then. You will find the king just up the road. I am going to scale this wall and try to get more details on the Imperials' defenses. I will join you shortly.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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