Storming the Garrison [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 40

Text of the Quest:

Storming the Garrison Imperial forces have taken control of Bangkorai Garrison, the strategic keep that divides northern and southern Bangkorai. King Emeric and the Lion Guard have come to aid Queen Arzhela and the Knights of Saint Pelin in reconquering the garrison. King Emeric asked that I infiltrate the garrison through the sewers. Im to find and activate the controls to open the main gate and allow Emeric to lead our forces inside.


Enter the Sewer

High King Emeric: There you are. if you expected to find us scaling the walls already. I'm sorry to disappoint. Don't get me wrong—we considered taking a stab at it, but with our... limited numbers, I don't really think that plays to our strengths.
Hero: What strengths are you referring to?
High King Emeric: Well, let's see, we have this sewer entrance here that the Imperials don't seem to know about, and then ... well, we have you, of course. I'm thinking to base our attack strategy around that. What do you say?
Hero: You want me to go in through the sewers?
High King Emeric: Yes. Sometimes victory means getting dirty, and that's quite literally true here. A passage in the sewers leads to the gatehouse. If you'll open the main gate, we can get into the garrison without having to scale the walls and lose half our men.
Hero: I'll go in and open the gate then.
High King Emeric: Just so you know, while you're slogging through sewage, we won't be napping out here. We'll go ahead and assault the main gate. It'll create a good distraction. It'll also mean that if you fail, we'll all die. Just so you know.
Hero: Will you be leading the assault?
High King Emeric: Unless the gods decide to strike me down before the battle starts. I've had enough standing around in throne rooms, talking about fighting the Imperials. I miss the satisfaction of sliding a sword between the plates of an enemy's armor.
Hero: Queen Arzhela will be fighting too?
High King Emeric: Of course! Battle runs in our blood. You think our family rose to royal power by attending teas, playing games at court, and currying favor with the right nobles? No. This king and queen work ... at its heart, it's a bloody business.
Hero: What's the plan once we're all inside?
High King Emeric: I haven't neglected that. I've looked at the garrison's layout and whatnot, and it'll really depend on what we find in there. I am confident we'll catch them off-guard. So no matter what, we'll have to capitalize on that.
Hero: How did the garrison fall to the Imperials in the first place?
High King Emeric: The sad truth is we're not even sure. More than two hundred Knights of Saint Pelin were stationed here, but only a handful escaped. Their stories are all over the place. Giant Daedra scaling the walls, the dead rising from the crypt... who knows.
Hero: Was Magus-General Septima Tharn involved?
High King Emeric: That old witch was undoubtedly the mastermind. And actually one of the knights who escaped claimed Septima snuck into the garrison posing as a Redguard refugee, and then unleashed Oblivion the next night. Knowing her, that's quite possible.
Hero: You know Septima Tharn?
High King Emeric: Yes. I met her once, back before the Soulburst. I'm ashamed to admit I actually fancied the girl. She was as cold as a Nordic winter of course. I wonder if she's still attractive though? Regardless, I think her head would look best on a pole.

High King Emeric: I quite forgot how it feels. The rush of blood to the head; the sound and fury of battle! So what if I've put on a few years? This is where I belong. I'm going to take back this garrison or die trying.
Hero: I'm with you. What do we do next?
High King Emeric: I've captured a few keeps in my day, and I learned the hard way: whoever holds the courtyard, holds the keep. So I'm going to seal our grip on this space. We should also hit the barracks though—before the Imperials get their greaves on.
Hero: You want me to attack the barracks?
High King Emeric: Yes, but I'm not saying to slaughter a bunch of half-dressed soldiers. We're not Reachmen.for Mara's sake. No. I'm hoping some of our knights are imprisoned there and you can free them. We need all the swords we can get.
Hero: I'll go to the barracks and free any prisoners I find then.
High King Emeric: After we've got the courtyard under control, we'll meet you up there. Oh! And if you see Septima Tharn or any of her commanders, feel free to take them down. I'd love to kill the old witch myself, but you're better qualified.
Hero: If I get the opportunity. I'll take it.

High King Emeric: It's a damn good thing you came out. I was just about to charge in there and find you myself. If I had died, it would've been your fault. You don't want the death of a king on your head, do you?
Hero: I certainly don't.
High King Emeric: Gods! I probably shouldn't jest like that, not around Arzhela. Poor thing. There's no telling what these twisted Imperial bastards might have done with King Eamond's corpse. He was about to be entombed here when the garrison fell, of course.
Hero: Where exactly was he to be entombed?
High King Emeric: The royal crypt. All of Bangkorai's rulers are buried there—to keep eternal vigil and such. The Imperials are doing something horrific in there; it's where they've formed their last line of defense. Whatever they're doing, I need you to stop them.
Hero: I can handle that. Where is the royal crypt?
High King Emeric: East. Across the bridge behind me. They're just throwing conscripts at us to keep us from getting across. They'll run out of fodder eventually, but if you'll lead the charge across on your way to the crypt, we can take the bridge now.
Hero: All right. Across the bridge and to the crypt. Let's go.

High King Emeric: When you went below into the crypts this foul icy fog rolled in. The earth shook and those Dolmen emerged from the ground beneath our feet. We retreated here to await your return, the rest you can clearly see.
Hero: What are your orders?
High King Emeric: i'm afraid the "giant Daedric anchors from the sky" issue is more your speciality than my own. I'll let you lead on this one.
Hero: That doesn't seem very kingly.
High King Emeric: "A wise leader knows how to delegate," my father used to say. He may have died in his cups, but the man knew his aphorisms. What could be more kingly?
Hero: Very well. I'll destroy the anchors.

Queen Arzhela: I'll be honest with you. I didn't think we could retake the garrison. I expected to die here. I was even looking forward to it. But my heart is filled with happiness right now. Not for myself, but for the people of Evermore.
Hero: Are the Imperials defeated then?
Queen Arzhela: Well, of course the war is far from over, but we've won a crucial battle. Definitely gave the Imperials a black eye. And Evermore is safe. I should return there, but I have a feeling Emeric will want to press onto liberate Southern Bangkorai.
Hero: Do you think that's wise?
Queen Arzhela: Whether it's wise or not isn't for me to say. All I can say is that if Emeric wants to push on, I hope you will go with him. It's clear that any undertaking you're a part of is more than likely to succeed.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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