Sunken Knowledge [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Sunken Knowledge I've agreed to help the Hermaeus Mora cult of Primeval Seekers to prevent the nereid of Halcyon Lake from using forbidden secrets to subvert the laws of nature. Herald Kixathi believes the nereid is storing memory essences in stolen relics that she will use to create a Water Stone. Kixathi has asked me to cause a distraction by burning the disciples food supplies, so she can find the nereids lair.


Burn Disciples Food

Herald Kixathi: Our first concern must be ensuring that the nereid does not acquire the capability to create a Water Stone. Once she gets enough memory essences, there will be little we can do to stop her.
Hero: She said she's close to having enough essences.
Herald Kixathi: Then we must hurry. To create the Water Stone, she'll infuse all those memory essences into something—probably the relics she's stolen. We need to find them. I think I know where the nereid's lair is, but I'll need a distraction to get there.
Hero: You want me to create a distraction?
Herald Kixathi: Yes. Go into the cavern and burn the disciples' food supplies—that should suffice. Then come and find me on the upper levels. That's where I think we'll find the entrance to her lair.
Hero: All right. I'll burn the food and then meet you on the upper level.

Herald Kixathi: This is the entrance to her lair. I'm sure of it. I don't see her in there, so I think it's safe to go in and search for the stolen relics.
Hero: You want me to go in?
Herald Kixathi: Yes. I'll stay out here and keep watch. Take whatever relics you can find and look for some sign as to where the nereid herself might be hiding. Even without a Water Stone, she's too dangerous to be left alive.
Hero: I'll search the room and be right back.

Lorelia: Traitor! I can't believe I thought you would help us. It is clear that you've given over to the same greed and brutality as those Primeval Seekers. But why would you dare enter my personal chambers?
Hero: I'm looking for the relics you stole from the ruins.
Lorelia: Liar! It's not the relics you want! You want to steal my memory essences, don't you? Too late. I've already infused them ... into myself! I am the Water Stone! Once I activate the shrine, I'll flood the ruins and rid myself of all you vermin.
Hero: Why? Won't that kill your disciples too?

Herald Kixathi: All is quiet out here. Did you find any relics, any sign of the nereid?
Hero: The nereid has turned herself into the Water Stone.
Herald Kixathi: She's turned herself into a Water Stone? That mad creature. I never would've even guessed that was possible ... fascinating. Nonetheless, then our only recourse is to kill her, and we were going to do that anyhow. Is she still in there?
Hero: No. She says she's going to flood the ruins.
Herald Kixathi: Flood the ruins? That would kill everyone! Which I guess would suit her just fine .... Damn it! She's gone to the shrine on the east side of the ruins then. Quickly, we need to get there as fast as we can!

Voice of Hermaeus Mora: So you are the one the tides of fate carried here to stop this transgression? I had watched this pathetic spirit's attempt to avoid her fate with some amusement... but I knew it would eventually have to come to an end.
Hero: Why didn't you just stop her yourself?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: Where would be the fun in that? The individual yarns of fate do not concern me. It is the tapestry they weave that I watch and record. All threads, even yours, only make up a small part of the whole.
Hero: So you know my fate?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: I do. I can see your future ... and your past. The yarn of your life is interesting, perhaps even amusing, one might say. It's spun from a strong thread, to be sure, but all threads will eventually run out.
Hero: Can you tell me anything about my future?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: No.
Hero: Why did you summon your followers here?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: I did no such thing. Like moths to flame, my followers are simply drawn to dark mysteries, and this one was simply irresistable for them. It's a wonder more of them didn't die.
Hero: You don't care whether your followers live or die?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: No. Why would I?
Hero: If there's nothing more, then I will go.
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: Yes. That is what you will do. First though, I have something for you. A gift, you might say.
Hero: Is this gift something I actually want?
Voice of Hermaeus Mora: Whether you want it or not is irrelevant. I like to reward those who amuse me, and this is your reward. You will take it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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