Spirited Away [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 10

Text of the Quest:

Ancalin, an old Altmer woman, asked me to pray at the grave markers of her four children. She hopes my travels around the island will gI've them some peace. Theres a marker near Vulkhel Guard, Tanzelwil, Phaer, and Castle Rilis.


Pray for Ancalins Children

Ancalin: A mother shouldn't outlive her children. And I've had four pass on to Aetherius. It's almost too much to bear.
Hero: Is there any way I can help?
Ancalin: Would you pray for them? Pray at their grave markers. I want them to have peace. But I'm too old to go now. I can't even leave Skywatch.
Hero: Where are the markers?
Ancalin: They're buried at all four ends of the island. On a bluff outside Vulkhel Guard, just outside of Tanzelwil, near Castle Rilis. And on a hill overlooking Phaer. My children loved the water. Loved the sight of it.
Hero: I'll pray for your children.
Ancalin: They were good little rabbits. Kind and brave. Thank you so much for your promise.
Hero: Would you tell me about your children?
Ancalin: Of course. Do you want me to tell you about Elanduya, my eldest? Wirande? Or little Soraperil?
Hero: Tell me about Elanduya.
Ancalin: My fiery girl. She got tired of her mother's coddling. Took up with a musician, and sold lutes up north for years. Eventually she grew to miss me, and we were close for decades before she passed.
Hero: Wirande, that's an unusual name.
Ancalin: I know, so old fashioned. I named him after my father. My first boy. I knew what name he'd have. And he made me so proud.
Hero: You only named three children. Who was the fourth?
Ancalin: Mendol. My youngest boy. He joined the military, fought on the front lines. And died in defense of his homeland. I wish I could have made him see. Made him realize it was a mistake to leave.
Hero: What was little Soraperil like?
Ancalin: He was just like my brother Paaulen. So smart. He could sell a fur coat to a Khajiit. Soraperil wasn't a Mage, but he taught alchemy with them at the Hall here in Skywatch.

Ancalin: Did you do as you promised? Do my children know peace?
Hero: They're all at peace now.
Ancalin: Auri-el bless and keep you, traveler. You have no idea how much this means to an old woman. Now I can find peace myself. I'll be with my babies soon. It's been so long since I've seen their faces.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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