Silsailen Rescue [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 6

Text of the Quest:

Silsailen Rescue The town of Silsailen is under attack by imposters disguised as First Auridon Marines. The townspeople suspect these men and woman are a part of a group called the Veiled Heritance. Elenwen has asked that I speak to Teldur about rescuing the remaining villagers.


Talk to Teldur

Watchman Cirdur: I recognize you. You were talking with Urcelmo in the courtyard earlier. I heard about what happened with Astanya ... most of us aren't like that. Will you spare a moment for the true Vulkhel Watch?
Hero: What happened here?
Watchman Cirdur: This guardsman is from the village of Silsailen. They're under attack. He managed to say something about the First Auridon Marines before he succumbed to his wounds. Something about a fire, the village ablaze.
Hero: Can't you send some guards?
Watchman Cirdur: With Astanya's death we're ... well, we're a bit disorganized. Please,you handled the Captain so well. Go to Silsailen, northeast of Vulkhel Guard. Find the Canonreeve or his daughter Elenwen, and help those people.
Hero: I'll check it out.

Elenwen: The Veiled Heritance is behind this madness, I'm sure of it!
Hero: Madness?
Elenwen: Can't you smell the smoke? Silsailen is under attack! I barely got my father out alive! The Canonreeve, almost slain! These brutes may wear the uniforms of the First Auridon Marines, but they're imposters.
Hero: Who are they?
Elenwen: They're agents of the Veiled Heritance. I'm sure of it! Teldur, my father's assistant, is trying to organize a defense. You look capable. Will you help Silsailen?
Hero: I'll find Teldur at once.
Elenwen: We'll be waiting in the barn down the road. Good luck in there.
Hero: I'd like a bit more information.
Elenwen: There's not much time. What do you need to know?
Hero: Who are you?
Elenwen: Elenwen. I run an inn here in town, but if you don't hurry up, they'll have it burned to the ground!
Hero: Who is Canonreeve Valano?
Elenwen: My father, and the man standing beside me! Silly fool.
Hero: Where can I find Teldur?
Elenwen: He's in the town square, just over the bridge. You must hurry! He's hopelessly outnumbered!
Hero: What else can you tell me about the attack?
Elenwen: We were expecting an attachment from the First Auridon Marines to prepare for the Queen's visit. Then this lot arrived and started killing and burning. We were readying for a celebration, not a slaughter.
Hero: You're sure they're imposters?
Elenwen: Why would the Queen send men to attack her loyal subjects? It makes no sense. But it would be just the sort of ruse the Veiled Heritance would use to undermine her authority.
Hero: Who are the Veiled Heritance?
Elenwen: A group of Altmer isolationists who hate outsiders. They think the Queen has been corrupted by our alliance with the Bosmer and Khajiit and seek to overthrow her.

Teldur: Are you insane? Can't you see the town is under attack?
Hero: Elenwen sent me to help.
Teldur: Did she? How do I know you're not one of the imposters?
Hero: Look, do you want me to help or not?
Teldur: Fine. Grab that bucket from the well and put out the fires. If you find any villagers, tell them they need to evacuate until it's safe. What are you waiting for? Move like you have a purpose!
Hero: What are you going to do?
Teldur: Refuse to answer an outsider's pointless questions, for one. I'll catch up with you at the barn later. Now go!

Elenwen: The fires are under control, thanks to you.
Hero: I saved as many villagers as I could.
Elenwen: We'll be a long time in rebuilding, but your bravery won't be forgotten.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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