Silent Village [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 10

Text of the Quest:

Silent Village I've come across a statue outside the small town of Shattered Grove. Id bet, in fact, that its a person turned to stone. Something must have happened to that poor villager. Perhaps I can find out more in town?


Enter Shattered Grove

Lamolime: The statue is almost flawless, a perfect representation of a living persons
Hero: Look closer.
Lamolime: The statue is warm to the touch.
Hero: Something isn't right here. Perhaps something happened in town.

Merormo: Hmm? Who are you? Wait. Not important. You're new. And not a statue. I can use that.
Hero: What happened to all of these people?
Merormo: Ah ... yes. I did it. I turned them to stone. But for a good reason! It was the only way to protect them from the savage beasts.
Hero: What savage beasts?
Merormo: The animals here are normally very tame. Energies in the wood. Now they're vile and bloodthirsty. I believe they've been possessed by Daedra.
Hero: Why did you turn the people into statues, though?
Merormo: i lost some of my apprentices to the beasts. So when I made it back to town, I cast a spell that would protect everyone. It was the only way.
Hero: All right, then. How do we fix this?
Merormo: As long as those creatures prowl the woods, we're in danger. I believe the monoliths in the woods have something to do with the Daedric influence. Dispel their energies. Hopefully that will free the animals.
Hero: Dispel the energies around the monoliths. Right.
Merormo: When that Daedric influence is gone, it should be safe to restore the village. My poor neighbors.
Hero: Where did the Daedric influence come from?
Merormo: I don't know? I don't know. The beasts are insidious. And we Altmer never bargain with Daedra.
Hero: Never?
Merormo: To even consider summoning one of those monsters. It'd be inviting a death sentence. The atronachs, at least. They're more constructs than ... no, a death sentence.
Hero: What are these monoliths you mentioned?
Merormo: They're ancient. I've studied them for years in my spare time. Not even really sure who put them up. But I'm certain they're why the local creatures are normally so docile.
Hero: So the Daedric influence is in these monoliths?
Merormo: Ah. Yes. I theorize that wherever the Daedra came from, they're somehow polluting the energy of these monoliths. Dispel that energy and—I hope—the Daedra will become powerless.

Merormo: The energy subsides. But the animals are still savage monsters. We'll have to try something else. We need a bear.
Hero: What now?
Merormo: I've spent some time studying these monoliths. I've managed to create a little magical fob that imitates their energy. Essentially, it will make one of the ursines your furry friend. For a time.
Hero: Why do I need a furry friend, again?
Merormo: I need to—we need to—extract the Daedric energy from these beasts. To do that, we'll need a test subject. You'll have to rough the furry fellow up a bit first. Weaken him for the spell to work.
Hero: All right. I'll collect a bear for you.
Merormo: Meet me at my tower with your friend. Just follow the road through the grove.

Merormo: This will not do. Something here is very wrong.
Hero: What was that?
Merormo: A Flame Atronach. My spell should have sent it screaming back to Oblivion. But something else interfered.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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  1. Rowanna Fay Sand 28 june 2014, 17:53 # 0
    Bears are broken for me? I can't fight them and they won't fight me?

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