Shock to the System [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

While exploring along the river, I found an Argonian enveloped in lightning. I found a journal nearby his body. It contained instructions on how to help him. The journal instructed me to find the Argonians camp, located south of Silvenar along the river. I need to look for further instructions on an alchemy table there.

Soggy Journal: You've found a soggy journal near a catatonic body. An ornate key juts out the top, marking a page in the book.
Hero: Turn to the bookmarked page. Goodbye.
Soggy Journal: "If you see an Argonian enveloped in lightning, please turn to page 23. "If you see a dead Argonian, step back and put the journal down. Have some respect for the dead."
Hero: Turn to page 23. Goodbye.
Soggy Journal: The journal reads: "Salutations! Time is of the essence - take this key, and pay attention! "My camp's along the river, just south of Silvenar. Look for an alchemy table. I've left my notes there on what to do next. And thank you!"

Locked Book: cThere's an inscription etched on the cover of the locked book.
Hero: Read the inscriptions Goodbye.
Locked Book: "If a journal instructed you to come here, use the key to unlock the book and turn to page 26. "If you stumbled upon this camp and are rummaging through my personal property, turn around and walk away."
Hero: Use the key and turn to page 26. Goodbye.
Locked Book: "Welcome! If you're reading this, something has gone horribly wrong with my most recent experiment! "I've created a potion that allows the imbiber to take control of thunderbugs. It should be right on the table. Go ahead, pick it up!"
Hero: Take the potion and continue readings Goodbye.
Locked Book: "You'll need to find a thunderbug before you drink the potion. Don't worry - this part is perfectly safe! "Once you're in control of a bug, you'll need to return to where you found my body. After that, everything should take care of itself!"
Hero: Turn to the last page. Goodbye.
Locked Book: "Thunderbugs are skittish creatures, so you'll need to be quick. Also! The potion only works on ones near the river. "If you wander too far from the currents, it's likely the bug will break free from your control. Good luck!"

Yinz-Hei: Ugh. My insides feel like maggot haggis. Guess that batch was a little too strong. Ah well, the next one will be better! It's like my father used to say, 'True progress comes from the crashing waves of a maelstrom."
Hero: Did you do this to yourself? Goodbye.
Yinz-Hei: Of course! While my body was bending like a tree in the wind, I had time to think over the current formula. With a few modifications I believe I can perfect the potion's results!
Hero: Was that the same potion I just drank? Goodbye.
Yinz-Hei: Not quite. That batch allows for attraction of one thunderbug. The one I tested allows control of exponentially more. Quite dangerous, as you can see. Luckily, I arranged for countermeasures!
Hero: How did that thunderbug get rid of the energy? Goodbye.
Yinz-Hei: Thunderbugs congregate in packs to feed off of their fellows' elemental energy. The bug you brought absorbed the excess energy overwhelming me. I hypothesize the transferal of energy caused the thunderbug to disintegrate. A pity.
Hero: Why are you making these potions?
Yinz-Hei: An infinite thunderstorm at your beck and call! Think of the possibilities! My concoctions will soon allow me to control the weather itself! As long as it doesn't kill me first. Who doesn't enjoy a good challenge, I say!
Hero: What brought you here?
Yinz-Hei: I'd been traveling with a few Dunmer botanists. I tired of their obsession with Bosmer horticulture, and struck out on my own. As soon as I had a run-in with one of the native thunderbugs, I knew I had to stay. So much potential!
Hero: How did you end up so far down river and full of elemental energy? Goodbye.
Yinz-Hei: Ah! This was my first real trial of a full strength potion. I gathered a small horde of thunderbugs, but the elemental energy was too much. The ensuing explosion threw me into the river. As you can see, my contingency plan was successful.
Hero: Your plan was to wait around for a stranger to help you? Goodbye.
Yinz-Hei: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! And it worked, did it not? Do me one last favor, will you? Don't mention my experiments to the locals. The last one I ran into wasn't as open minded as yourself. Although, he did make a good volunteer....
Hero: Complete Quest.

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  1. Payson Jones 27 march 2016, 16:39 # 0
    So I was in the middle of doing this quest and as I was walking back to the Argonian I got too far away from the river and I lost the thuderbug. Does anyone know how I get it back or what I can do?
    1. Payson Jones 27 march 2016, 16:44 # 0
      Nevermind I just abandoned and restarted the mission.

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