Shipwrecked Sailors [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Maormer attacked an Aldmeri Dominion ship off the coast of and captured several members of its crew. A survivor of the attack asked me to rescue the remaining crew members from their Maormer captors. Theyve been taken to camps along the beach.

Seaman Ambaran: By Anuiel's grace, I need your help. Maormer attacked our ship, and captured the surviving crew!
Hero: What happened? Goodbye.
Seaman Ambaran: As our ship neared Jode's Pocket, a black fog spread across the waters. Soon after, Maormer raiding parties attacked and boarded the ship. Many of my shipmates were slaughtered.
Hero: Who else survived? Goodbye.
Seaman Ambaran: The Maormer bound the captain and some crew, then took them away. They killed those who didn't dive overboard, like I did, and captured several others as they swam ashore. I fear the Maormer will torture their captives if they aren't rescued soon!
Hero: I'll free the captives. Goodbye.
Seaman Ambaran: I've spotted several Maormer camps along the beach. The survivors were likely split up for interrogation amongst them. That's what they do. Interrogate. Torture. And then, they kill you.
Hero: Who should I look for?
Seaman Ambaran: The Maormer grabbed Quartermaster Erancar and Boatswain Faranya on the aft deck. I'm not sure, but i think they've also got the carpenter, and at least one of the strikers. First Mate Valion and Captain Seritenya are somewhere too, but I haven't seen them.
Hero: Why was the ship so close to the shore?
Seaman Ambaran: We followed lights. Shore lights, we thought, marking a safe route through a horrible black fog. It blotted out the very stars above! All we could see were the lights. Turns out the Maormer lit them, drawing us closer in till we ran aground.

First Mate Valion: What foul Maormer trick is this? Another attempt to loosen my tongue?
Hero: I rescued some of your crew. Where's the captain? Goodbye.
First Mate Valion: Hmm. You don't look like a Maormer spy. I'll need to trust my instincts about you. The captain was taken by Arch-Wizard Sameht for interrogation. I'm sure you know what that means.
Hero: Do you know where the captain is now? Goodbye.
First Mate Valion: ril find someone to answer that question, once I've reclaimed my armor and blade. Meanwhile, I must beg a favor. Board our ship and destroy a document of greatest import. It cannot fall into Maormer hands.
Hero: What sort of document? Goodbye.
First Mate Valion: A Thalmor fleet manifest. It details who, what, where, and when the entire Thalmor fleet moves. Its value to pirate scum such as these Maormer is self-evident. The manifest must not fall into their hands. It must be burned.
Hero: Consider it done. Goodbye.
First Mate Valion: Our ship ran aground not far from that old wreck. The manifest's disguised as a regular book, but it won't take long for them to discover its true meaning. Once I'm armed, I'll meet you aboard ship. Go with purpose.

First Mate Valion: We've been busy questioning our prisoner. Did you find what you came for?
Hero: Yes. I destroyed the manifest.
First Mate Valion: Good work! With that manifest, the Maormer could've intercepted our supply ships, and taken arms intended for Dominion forces. They'll regret this assault. We don't take such affronts lightly.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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