Sever All Ties [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 15

Text of the Quest:

Sever All Ties In order to save Firsthold and all of Auridon from High Kinlady Estre, the Oblivion portals must be closed and Estre defeated for good. I should enter the Oblivion portals and find their source, a sigil stone. Once I find the stone, I will need to destroy it in order to close the portal for good.


Close the Portals

Razum-dar: Estre is vulnerable. But Tamriel is still open to the Deadlands. This must not be. We must close her gates. End the threat of the Daedra.
Hero: How do we close the gates?
Razum-dar: Each gate is maintained by a sigil stone. Enter the portal, find the stone, and destroy it. Raz is going to guess they will be guarded.
Hero: So I should be careful?
Razum-dar: Just so, my friend. Good luck in there. Raz will rejoin Urcelmo and the others. Ensure Firsthold is still here when you get back.
Hero: Good luck, Razum-dar.

Razum-dar: The gates are closed. And Tamriel is just a little bit safer. What do you say we put an end to Estre?
Hero: Where's the Battlereeve?
Razum-dar: He and Sinien are already inside. We have one more portal to close. The High Kinlady Estre clutches to Dagon's robes. Hides within the Deadlands.
Hero: Will you come with me, Raz?
Razum-dar: It would be Razum-dar's pleasure to fight by your side. Follow. He shall lead the way.
Hero: Right behind you.

Razum-dar: Estre dead. Rilis found. Razum-dar couldn't have asked for more. Even this one must admit: you do good work. Without you leading the charge, today could have gone very differently.
Hero: What now, Raz?
Razum-dar: Queen Ayrenn has arrived. She is just outside, with her retinue. This one is certain she'll want to hear your report. Go. We will speak again soon.
Hero: As you say.

Queen Ayrenn: The Battlereeve tells me Estre is dead. I mourn her loss. She is the past. And you, our future. Your service to our people has been exemplary. You have proven yourself a valuable asset to the Aldmeri Dominion.
Hero: Thank you, your Grace.
Queen Ayrenn: Among those who heed my voice, you will be honored and welcome. Our alliance of three peoples is fragile but beautiful. With you at its heart, I'm certain the Covenant and the Pact will learn to fear the eagle's cry.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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