Rites of the Queen [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 8

Text of the Quest:

Rites of the Queen Queen Ayrenn must perform the final ritual at Tanzelwil in the ancestral crypts. Malicious spirits plague this holy shrine, and somewhere the traitorous Norion lurks. Ayrenn and I are to enter the crypts. I could speak with her first, to learn more about what we might face.


Talk to Queen Ayrenn

Queen Ayrenn: I'm afraid we're not finished here. Not yet.
Hero: Why risk your life? Is it that important?
Queen Ayrenn: If I am to be Queen, I must look fear in the face and conquer it. How can I ask my people to have faith in me if I don't have faith in myself?
Hero: Then my place is at your side.
Queen Ayrenn: I was a warrior before I became queen. I can handle myself. But you're determined. And I know you're foolhardy enough. I would welcome your company.
Hero: It would be my honor.

Queen Ayrenn: I should warn you. Three coins say Norion is down in the crypts.
Hero: You're sure?
Queen Ayrenn: Well, no. But to control these spirits so completely, he'd have to be close. The crypt is a winding complex, with plenty of places for quiet spellcasting.
Hero: Are you ready to face him?
Queen Ayrenn: I'm prepared for anything. If he's sided with this Veiled Queen, he's a traitor. That means we end him, here and now. Are you with me?
Hero: After you, my Queen.

Queen Ayrenn: You risked everything to help me. I won't forget it.
Hero: Any time, my Queen.
Queen Ayrenn: You're too modest. Thank you, my brave and noble friend. Until we meet again, wherever the road may take us.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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