Rightful Inheritance [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 15

Text of the Quest:

Elanwes son, Sorondil, is the illegitimate son of the deceased High Kinsman Rilis XII. Sorondil has come to these ruins to retrieve a great treasure. Elanwe asked me to protect her son. She said I can meet him in the ruins near the entrance to the vault.


Find Sorondil

Lady Elanwe: That silly, stupid boy. He's going to get himself killed.
Hero: Who? What's wrong?
Lady Elanwe: My son, Sorondil—scion of the last High Kinsman, Rilis the Twelfth. I... I was Rilis’s mistress. And now my son risks his life for some fool treasure.
Hero: What's his plan?
Lady Elanwe: He wants to prove himself to his ancestors. He thinks there's some sort of treasure deep in the vaults. Sor wants so badly to be a Rilis. I just want him to be safe. Please, will you look after him?
Hero: I'll do what I can.
Lady Elanwe: We don't know each other, stranger. But you have a mother's gratitude for your kindness.
Hero: Can you tell me about the Rilis family?
Lady Elanwe: The high family of Firsthold, House Rilis has ruled this part of Auridon for centuries. In the past, it was known as a proud line of warriors. Until the last Rilis, that is.
Hero: Who was the last Rilis?
Lady Elanwe: Rilis the Twelfth. They called him a despot, a murderer. He communed with Daedra. Committed horrible acts in the depths of his palace. For his crimes, he's trapped here. In the banished cells beneath the castle.
Hero: Didn't he help found the Mages Guild?
Lady Elanwe: Ha! To hear him tell it, it was all his idea. Vanus Galerion, First Mage of Firsthold, was the real founder of the guild. Rilis just allowed him to do his work in the city. I heard rumors he even bargained with Galerion for access to Oblivion.
Hero: You were the mistress of a High Kinsmen?
Lady Elanwe: I was. I think I loved him. But the tales of Daedric power he was given ... even the power to control the minds of mer.... What if I never... what if I never really loved him?

Sorondil: Banished to Oblivion and the man still won't acknowledge me. Who are you?
Hero: Your mother asked me to—
Sorondil: Damn it! She doesn't think I can handle myself. I'm a Rilis! The blood of Auridon's greatest warriors flows in my veins.
Hero: She mentioned a treasure. What are you looking for?
Sorondil: The Rilis Helm. It imbues the wearer with the strength of a mighty warrior. It's the birthright of my family. Been in the Rilis line for generations—all the way back to Rilis the First.
Hero: I'll get it for you, for your mother's sake.
Sorondil: No! I mean. You can’t. It’s in the vault below us. The vault is shut fast by a trio of wards. Each ward is guarded by one of Rilis’s loyal captains. And only I know how to lower the wards.
Hero: So I’ll take out the captains, you take down the wards?
Sorondil: Fine. Fine. I'll even pay you for your time. Just remember, the helm will only work for a scion of house Rilis. It's no use to the likes of you. Let's go.

Sorondil: The vault is open. Are you ready?
Hero: Yes. Let's go.
Sorondil: Mother will stay here while we're down in the vault. We will fulfill my destiny!
Hero: Will your mother be safe up here?
Sorondil: We'll only be down there for a moment. And when I emerge with the helm, I'll be a powerful Rilis warrior. I'll be able to keep her safe for the rest of our lives!

Lady Elanwe: The guards are quiet again. Something's happened. Where's my son? Where's Sorondil?
Hero: I'm sorry, Elanwe. He's gone.
Lady Elanwe: Gone? How? What happened down there?
Hero: The helm's magic overwhelmed him and he attacked me. I had no choice. I had to kill him.
Lady Elanwe: You did what you could. I somehow knew it would end this way. Thank you for listening to a mother's plea. I'd like to be alone now.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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