Repentant Son [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 7

Text of the Quest:

I found the journal of a young man named Vareldur in the mine called Dels Claim. He died trying to stop the Heritance from killing the miners there. Perhaps I should travel to Mathiisen, and try to find this mans mother.


Bloody Journal: "Mother, I don't know if you'll ever read this. I should never have left Mathiisen. The Veiled Heritance isn't the honorable cause I thought it was. Some of them are real patriots. But most are just brutes. I can't do this anymore."
Hero: Read the second entry.
Bloody Journal: "We're going to Del's Claim tonight. The old mine near South Beacon. They're going to kill the miners. I can't let them do that, can I? I have to stop them. Somehow. I love you, mother. Always know, I love you.
Hero: Take the Journals

Zurka: Zurka thinks she will be leaving soon. Auridon has proven a bit too ... exciting for the likes of her.
Hero: I'm looking for anyone that knows Vareldur.
Zurka: That name is not familiar, no. This one has been too busy not selling anything to learn the local's names.

Aonus: Yes, yes. I'm still open. At least as long as I have inventory.
Hero: I'm looking for anyone that knows Vareldur.
Aonus: Sure, I know Vareldur! Why, his mother is just over there by the targets!

Iriel: I'm sorry, but I don't really feel like talking. I've been trying to find a quiet minute all day. I need to pray for my son. He's missing, you see.
Hero: I'm sorry. Your son is dead. I found this journal near his body.
Iriel: He's what? No! Let me see that! I told him not to join those fools! Why didn't he listen? He figured out the truth for himself, in the end. I can be proud of my boy. That's not enough, but it'll have to do.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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