Relic Rescue [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 13

Text of the Quest:

Torinaans strange little relic-keeper worries the holy relics will be corrupted by Daedric energies. Nenaron wants me to find and remove relics from the coffers scattered around Torinaan. He cautioned me to beware the guardians that protect the treasures.


Recover Relics

Monastic Nenaron: Please, master! Mercy on this poor wretch!
Hero: What are you talking about?
Monastic Nenaron: I'm the relic-keeper here at Torinaan. You must help me move the holy treasures! Lest they be co-opted by the corruption that plagues this site.
Hero: Why can't you deal with this?
Monastic Nenaron: Ancient guardians guard the relics, but they've already been touched by the Daedric stain. Please, master, get them clear? Look for the coffers on altars around the Torinaan. Just mind the guardians, now!
Hero: I'll recover the relics, Nenaron.
Monastic Nenaron: Be wary, traveler. This corruption could take you, too!
Hero: Are some relics really worth your life?
Monastic Nenaron: These relics are my life, traveler! If they become corrupted and stained my life will be over. I wish I could take this fancy spell with me. I'd go get them myself.
Hero: The shrines have been cleansed. Aren't the relics safe now?
Monastic Nenaron: Oh, no. No, no, no. These relics, they're sensitive. Like me. Even waiting for the corruption here to drain away could spoil them. Can't let the treasures of the Divines go to rot.
Hero: So this magic circle isn't your doing?
Monastic Nenaron: No, that was the Aldarch's doing. She didn't want me to die. Or become coopted, like the others. Such a kind lady. Hrm. If a little brusque with me.

Monastic Nenaron: Do ... do you have them?
Hero: Yes, here they are.
Monastic Nenaron: Thank you! Thank you, so much! I'll just... I'll just gather my wits and then pack these out of here. Blessings of the Divines be upon you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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