Reap What Is Sown [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 34

Text of the Quest:

The Green Lady has come to to find out why the Drublog attacked Velyn Harbor. The Green Lady needs a lock of hair from a Drublog champion. She can use the lock of hair to disguise me as a Drublog if Chieftain Agrakh wont explain why Velyn Harbor was attacked.

The Green Lady: The Drublog refuse to tell me anything. After what happened in Velyn Harbor, I can guess why. My sister's safe because of you. Can I count on you here as well?
Hero: What do you need? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Another pair of eyes. I need to meet with the chieftain, Chieftain Agrakh, and my travel will be limited. But I can make a glamour—a disguise—for you. As a Drublog soldier, you'll be able to go where I can't.
Hero: You want to disguise me as Drublog soldier? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: First, take a lock of hair from a Drublog champion ... with a blade, if you have to. Chieftain Agrakh will respect your strength and allow you to attend the meeting. If he lies to us? I'll make a glamour with the lock of hair. Then you can look around.
Hero: I'll get to work.

Chieftain Agrakh: Roku spoke of what you did at Velyn Harbor. She says if my champions were dumb enough to challenge you, they deserve their fate. I'm not as easy to impress. So tell me—why do you trespass in my stronghold?
Hero: The Green Lady wanted me here. Where is she?
Chieftain Agrakh: Bah. She's around here somewhere, sticking her nose into Drublog business. Put me in a foul mood, she did. Got no right to tell the Drublog what to do. Nosy Wood Elves need to be put in their place!
Hero: Is that why you attacked Velyn Harbor? Goodbye.
Chieftain Agrakh: Watch your tone, whelp. Drublog don't answer to you. Here's your Elf friend now. Get out, before I lose my patience.

The Green Lady: As I expected. Chieftain Agrakh is hiding something, but I don't know what. Good thing we've already planned for this. Are you ready for a little subterfuge?
Hero: Yes. Once I'm disguised, what should I do? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: I want you to find their shaman. I saw him heading to the beach a short while ago. The chieftain is waiting for something, and I need to find out what. Find a good hiding place and listen in.
Hero: All right. I'm ready for the disguise. Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Good. Follow me—we want to be a little less ... visible for this.

The Hound: You have your orders, Drublog. Why do you disturb me? Has something gone wrong?
Hero: Can you go over the plan again?
The Hound: The Green Lady must be detained until my arrival. I've given the materials you need for her bindings. She is not to be harmed, else your tribe will pay in blood. Velyn Harbor is but the first gift. The conquest of a hundred cities await, if my will is done.
Hero: I understand. Goodbye.
The Hound: Then begone. I have many things to prepare in Silvenar before i can return to Dra'bul. See that no one interferes with the ritual. The Green Lady must not escape.

Roku: I know you're not a Drublog. You're friends with the Green Lady, like me. But your trickery did not come fast enough. She's gone.
Hero: Gone? Where? Goodbye.
Roku: She fell into the trap that Hound spoke of. Now my uncle, our clan's chief, waits for the Hound to take her away. There may still be time to save her. Talk to my father, Shaman Glazulg.
Hero: Does he know how to free her? Goodbye.
Roku: Yes. He made the trap, at the chief's request. He's in the lower arena. I've wasted enough breath trying to convince him. Maybe he'll listen to someone else.
Hero: What was that shadow wolf creature?
Roku: He calls himself 'The Hound." I know little of who he is, or what his true purpose is. I do know he craves the attention of the Green Lady. He would slaughter a whole village if only to ensure she remains unharmed.
Hero: Why are the Drublog doing this? Goodbye.
Roku: We have lived alongside the Bosmer for generations. Some would say they look down upon us with disdain. And they would be right. Chieftain Agrakh is wrong, but there are many who follow him. Many who would fight to see the Bosmer brought low.

Shaman Glazulg: I told Chieftain Agrakh someone would come to stop this madness. And here you are, but you're too late.
Hero: I know. Roku said you could save the Green Lady. Goodbye.
Shaman Glazulg: The poor child is bound with borrowed magic, as my brother commanded. The Hound comes for her. You can't stop it.
Hero: Can't you stop it?
Shaman Glazulg: Don't take that tone! It's not as simple as you think. I'm old. Soon, I'll die. I can't make choices about the tribe's future. That's the chief's, my brother's, role.
Hero: [Persuade] This is not the future your daughter wants for the tribe either.
Shaman Glazulg: Roku. She's young, but sees our struggles with clear eyes. My brother should listen to her. I can't help you. But I'll give you what you need.
Hero: What do I need to do?
Shaman Glazulg: Take this to siphon away the energy trapping the Green Lady. Only then will her bonds be broken. Roku will be at the main arena's entrance. Tell her I understand. Tell her, she was right.

Roku: Have you spoken to my father? We must hurry, with or without his blessing.
Hero: He didn't agree to help, but he gave me this. Goodbye.
Roku: His handiwork, but these Daedric symbols aren't Mauloch's. There's no time to study it, though. If he gave you this, it must be used to free the Green Lady.
Hero: I'm ready. Take me to the arena.

The Green Lady: The Hound. He has gone too far! If what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!
Hero: Who is the Hound? Do you know him? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Yes. It'll take too long to explain, though. I must go after him. The Hound is my concern, and mine alone. Yet, I can't just leave the Silvenar in danger. It's as if I must be in two places at once.
Hero: What are you going to do? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: I have to face the Hound. If I can reason with him, then there'll be no need to go after the Silvenar. Even after all he's done, I need to give him that chance.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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