Raise the Curtain [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Curtain wants to take his own type of revenge against the Steel Shrikes who destroyed his troupes ship and livelihood. Salgaer doesnt want to leave anyone behind. Hes asked me to rescue the senche-tiger while he plans a way to take the Steel Shrikes ship.

Salgaer: I suppose the Shrikes thought it funny to truss up a master of escape. Seems I'll have to practice with the rope a bit more. We can't just let them get away with this. Luckily for everyone, I have a plan!
Hero: A plan for what? Goodbye.
Salgaer: Getting us back on the road, of course! A performer always lands on his feet. Well, usually. First act will require our senche. I saw those ruffians tormenting the poor thing on the beach. If you free him, I'm almost positive he won't maul you.
Hero: Almost positive?
Salgaer: Well, he's been tied up a while! I'm sure you'll be fine. Mostly. We'll show those brigands what it means to toy with the Dancing Scrib. Their ship will soon be ours!
Hero: All right. I'll get there soon.

Elandora: Snaehild's charms claim another fool. I don't know how she does it. Well, now that you're here we can get on to the next part of Sal's plan.
Hero: What exactly is this plan?
Elandora: Simple. You get into the Shrike camp and find the key to their ship's hold. I've even got a "volunteer" to give you a disguise. Meet us at the edge of the dock. Sal's got another hare-brained plan to sneak us all aboard.
Hero: All right. I'll meet you there.
Elandora: Don't forget your disguise! Get what you need from this one, and find that key. Look for the captain's tent, the biggest one in there.

Elandora: Well, we've had a bit of luck! Cumberland was sniffing around and found some of our props. If we can get the rest back, we won't have to skip our next show!
Hero: Where did he find them?
Elandora: Seems the Shrikes shoved them into random crates in the warehouse. Cumberland can sniff them all out. You've met him. He's our monkey.
Hero: How can a monkey help?
Elandora: Easy! Give him a cue, and he'll do the rest! Just let him take the lead. We'll hide ourselves on the ship, and leave the hold unlocked for you. You both meet us aboard later. This'll be easier than I thought!

Elandora: The pirates know something is up. Won't be long before they start looking for us. I think the captain's on the other side of the ship. If we can take her out, the rest will probably give up. I hope.
Hero: Where are the others? Goodbye.
Elandora: i've got them all tucked away, waiting for my signal. You got those supplies from the warehouse, right? I think I can use them right about now.
Hero: Here they are. Goodbye.
Elandora: Excellent. All right, this'll do wonderfully. You go on ahead, and I'll see if I can get our Zainat-ri to show his face.

Elandora: We'll open up the portholes from here and let the rest jump ship. No use keeping extra passengers! Quite a ride we've had! I thank our stars that you came along to help.
Hero: Are you setting sail?
Elandora: We've got some preparations to make. Maybe we'll toss a few barrels of kindlepitch into the camp before we set off. A parting gift of sorts. I'm sure we'll run into each other again. Maybe even when we have a show to perform!
Hero: Where are you heading now?
Elandora: I heard Southpoint's been quiet lately. Maybe we'll drop in and liven things up a bit! Next show is free for you, though. We'll remember your face, don't worry!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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