Restore the Silvenar [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Indaenir, the new Silvenar, traveled across Malabal Tor to marry the Green Lady and fulfill his role as the spiritual leader of the Wood Elves. But the Hound arrived first, and is trying to usurp his position. The Houndsmen, corrupted servants of the Hound, possess that may be the key to opening the city to the Silvenar. I need to collect some from the Houndsmen patroling the ravine beneath the town.

The Silvenar: My tale nears its end. I pray to Y'ffre it goes well. But there could be a dark ending. Silvenar is closed against me.
Hero: What's wrong?
The Silvenar: The city is sealed against me ... something I would not have thought possible. It would take the power of— Of course! The three spinners! They could do it, if they were forced by someone powerful. Someone like the Hound.
Hero: The Hound?
The Silvenar: Yes! That Hircine-worshiper wants to keep me from the handfast. My scouts saw his Houndsmen in the ravine below, bearing silver shards that radiate magicka. Can you wrest the shards from them? They're key to unlocking the city, and this puzzle.
Hero: I'll get you those shards.
The Silvenar: I believe those silver shards are physical manifestations of stories woven by the Bosmer's three most powerful spinners. If you take them from the Houndsmen in the ravine below, we'll know for certain.
Hero: And the Hound?
The Silvenar: We've run afoul of him before. The Hound was behind the trouble in Dra'bul and my kidnapping and imprisonment in Jathsogur. He wishes to supplant me as the Green Lady's rightful consort. We have to stop him, for the sake of the Bosmer people.
Hero: Can you tell me more about the silver shards?
The Silvenar: As I said, they are creations of Silvenar's three great spinners. I'm certain the Houndsmen are using them to turn the wards of the city to their master's evil purpose, to help him keep me from the Green Lady. Of course, there are other defenses.
Hero: What defense does the city have?
The Silvenar: In addition to the wards, there is the Guardian of Silvenar, an elemental creature that patrols the bridge. He will be compelled to act against us, by the same magic that turns the wards. You must defeat him ... after you recover the shards.
Hero: Where is the Green Lady?
The Silvenar: I don't know, but she must be inside the city. If she were anywhere else I'd be able to sense her presence. My fear is that the Hound has trapped her in some way similar to the way he kept me in Jathsogur. Perhaps the shards are part of that trap.

Scout Anglith: Quiet! The Houndsmen are in the ravine below. I'm here to make certain they don't come up and attack the Silvenar's camp.
Hero: I just told the Silvenar I'd do my best to help out. What's the situation?
Scout Anglith: Desperate. We definitely need your help. The Silvenar told us there's some sort of mystic barrier keeping him out of the city. I can't see it, but I do see the Houndsmen in the ravine below, carrying those damn silver shards.
Hero: The Silvenar wants me to get some of those shards.
Scout Anglith: That's good. If you want the silver shards, you should go through the chasm between here and the city to collect them. Come back up this way when you have enough. I'll check with the Silvenar and see what you need to do next.
Hero: Why don't you collect the shards?
Scout Anglith: Ha! I appreciate your confidence, but I'm just a scout. I'll help as I can. When the Silvenar says the barrier's down, I'll see you in the city.
Hero: What can you tell me about these silver shards?
Scout Anglith: I don't know much that you haven't been told. My guess is the Houndsmen carry them to somehow reinforce the mystic barrier, but I don't know for certain. I'm sorry I can't tell you more.
Hero: How can I get into the chasm?
Scout Anglith: Continue down the slope. The Houndsmen patrol the ravine, carrying those shards and looking for loyalists who escaped the city. Anyone on the Silvenar's side is their prey.

Scout Anglith: You've got the silver shards? Good! Keep them close. I don't know what they're for, but they've got to be important. But before that, you've got to defeat the Guardian of Silvenar. It patrols the bridge between here and the city.
Hero: Do you know anything about the guardian?
Scout Anglith: It's not an evil creature, but a bound spirit, tied to the wards that protect the city. Defeating it won't destroy it completely—in fact, it will probably re-form soon after—but it will temporarily sever its connection to the wards.
Hero: If it's only temporary, what will that accomplish?
Scout Anglith: It'll give the Silvenar an opening to project his will into the city. The Silvenar, remember, is the spiritual essence of the Bosmer. If he can extend his essence inside the city, he can help unravel the wards. But you'll still need the spinners.
Hero: Where can I find the three spinners?
Scout Anglith: They're somewhere inside the city. The Silvenar can't sense them with the wards intact, but once the guardian's defeated, he'll be able to extend his perceptions into the city, however briefly.

The Silvenar: Quickly ... you've defeated the guardian, but it will return soon. You need to get inside the city and locate the three spinners.
Hero: Can you tell where they are? Goodbye.
The Silvenar: I sense they're being held in the trees within the city. The bonds of Hircine surround them, however, so you can't go directly to them. You'll need to learn about the spinners and their prisons in order to free them.
Hero: What can you tell me about them, then? Goodbye.
The Silvenar: All I know are their names: Spinner Einrel, Spinner Caerllin, and Spinner Dothriel. This is my first visit to the city and until the handfast, my connection with the Bosmer is incomplete. I know how you can learn about the three spinners, but it will be dangerous.
Hero: Tell me. Goodbye.
The Silvenar: Question the ones who bound them. The Roundsmen's witches worked with their master to craft special prisons for each spinner. Force the witches to tell you everything they know about the bindings and locations of the three spinners.
Hero: I'll learn whatever I can from them.
The Silvenar: Once you've learned about the three spinners. I'll contact you again. Look for my Psijic projection beneath the Great Tree at the center of the city.

Houndsman Bewitcher: Please, don't kill me! You don't understand!
Hero: I understand you and your friends captured three spinners. I want to know about them. Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: Yes, but we didn't hurt them! Please, I'll tell you everything I know if you just let me go. I ... I was there when the youngest of them. Spinner Einrel was taken. I can tell you about her! Just promise you won't kill me.
Hero: Tell me what you know and we'll see. Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: Spinner Einrel is the youngest of the three. She acted like she knew she was going to betaken. They imprisoned her in her home, surrounded by all her nature totems and strange-smelling herbs.
Hero: What can you tell me about the bonds that hold her? Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: Her essence focuses on the future of the Bosmer people as she sees it. Naturally, she believes in the love between the Green Lady and the Silvenar breaking through the shadow of the Hound. The exact solution to the puzzles is a mystery even to us.
Hero: All right. Get out of here.

Houndsman Bewitcher: You can't kill me! Don't you know who I am?
Hero: What have you done with the captured spinners? Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: It was the Hound! He forced us! I saw him capture Spinner Caerllin. The spinner's in his prime, and let the Hound know he'd fight him with all his strength. But the Hound still bound the spinner, right in his home.
Hero: How was Spinner Caerllin bound? Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: The warrior-spinner focuses on the present. He sees a great battle with the Green Lady and the Hound to bring her to her true lord, the Silvenar. His bonds are tied to that sight. And the spinner already claims victory. He laughed as we bound him.
Hero: Why'd he laugh? Goodbye.
Houndsman Bewitcher: The spinner acted as if he knew what was going on everywhere in Malabal Tor. He told the Hound that a hero was on his way and that the Silvenar wouldn't be locked out of the city much longer. Could he have meant... oh, no ... he meant you.
Hero: All right. Get out of here.

Houndsman Bewitcher: No, it can't end like this! He promised!
Hero: The Hound's promises don't concern me. I want to know about the spinners.
Houndsman Bewitcher: The spinners defied the Hound, so he bound them with elements of their own strengths. He even bound Spinner Dothriel, the strongest of the three. She'll grow even older in her prison!
Hero: Where's Spinner Dothriel now?
Houndsman Bewitcher: She's in her home, and hardly noticed us. She lives in the past, seeing patterns of ancient times replaying today.
Hero: How do the patterns end?
Houndsman Bewitcher: With the Bosmer surviving ... and the Hound dead. She spoke as if it had already happened. She also said that each spinner has the key to his or her own release, even if they can't affect it. Please, let me go. I'll leave the city forever!
Hero: All right. Get out of here.

The Silvenar: I sense that you've completed your task. You've questioned the Houndsmen witches about the spinners and their bonds?
Hero: Yes. Goodbye.
The Silvenar: When you defeated the guardian, I projected more of my essence into the city. I've learned something about each spinner and their bonds. They're being contained by puzzles that tap into each spinner's essence.
Hero: How do I solve the puzzles?
The Silvenar: The Hound is using Ayleid stones to imprison each spinner. The key to each puzzle is tied to each spinner's essence, but their very spirits power the barrier keeping me out of the city. Solve the puzzles, free the spinners, and open the barrier.
Hero: Is there any other way to bring down the barrier? Goodbye.
The Silvenar: Yes. If you fail to solve a puzzle, a manifestation of that spinner's spirit will appear. Kill it and the barriers will fall, but at the cost of a spinner's life. Try to solve the puzzles and free the spinners, not kill them.
Hero: [Persuade] Can you be more specific about solving these puzzles?
The Silvenar: Take your time. The spinners work with the past, present, and future, and likely left clues to help solve the puzzle of their bindings. Look carefully at each stone, and read every book within their chambers. I'm sure you'll find the answers.
Hero: Tell me about the spinners.
The Silvenar: Spinner Einrel is the youngest. She is a master alchemist, and her purview is the future. She foretells many things with her prophesies. Try to assemble her history in the solution to her puzzle.
Hero: And the others?
The Silvenar: Spinner Caerllin was a powerful warrior before the spinner's path found him. He is blessed with a keen awareness of the present. His perception of things happening here and now, particularly regarding the handfasting, should be the key to solving his puzzle.
Hero: What about Spinner Dothriel?
The Silvenar: She is the eldest and most powerful spinner. A wizard almost from birth, she sees the past more clearly than you and I see the present. She draws parallels between then and now. Use that in solving her puzzle.
Hero: I'm ready. Where can I find the spinners?
The Silvenar: Each has a home surrounding the Great Tree. Go up from here, then cross the tree-bridges and climb up further still to their homes. Search the spinner's home for clues to solving each puzzle. Return here after you've broken their bonds.

The Silvenar: You've done it! The barrier is almost broken. As you broke each of the spinners' bonds, I could feel the energy dispersing. I'm almost through.
Hero: What happens now?
The Silvenar: We must confront the Hound! But I have grim news. The Hound has somehow enthralled the Green Lady's spirit. That's why the wards against my entry were so strong. She's in the audience hall, fighting to repair the damage you've done.
Hero: What can we do?
The Silvenar: Give me the silver shards. They contain the essence of the three spinners' stories. I can use them to overcome the Hound's spell, but only if I can physically get to the Green Lady. Go to the audience hall and distract her.
Hero: How do I distract her?
The Silvenar: She's a warrior, first and foremost, and will abandon her repairs to confront you. Then I'll be able to break through the barrier. Of course, if the Hound gets to her before I can ... best not to think of that.
Hero: What do you mean?
The Silvenar: Together, the Green Lady and the Hound will be formidable. Our only hope is for me to get to the audience hall quickly and help. If you're overcome, all Silvenar, all the Bosmer, may be lost. Fight bravely, and well.
Hero: I understand. Where's the audience hall? Goodbye.
The Silvenar: Take the ladder up from here. It's above us, high in the Great Tree. Good luck, my friend.
Hero: I'll do my best.

The Green Lady: The shadow's lifted! For the first time in many moons, my spirit is my own. I can see my destiny again. Without your help, the Silvenar might never have made it back. I hope I didn't injure you.
Hero: I'll recover. You're very strong. Goodbye.
The Green Lady: I embody the physical strength of the Bosmer, but it proved useless against Hircine's magic. The Hound was once my dearest friend Ulthorn. Despite everything, I thought I could make him change his destructive course. I was wrong.
Hero: What happened? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Ulthorn allowed me to think I could reach him, but his words were wrapped in Hircine's magic as the Hound. They drew out my primal spirit, and I lusted for the hunt. I felt as the ancient Bosmer must have felt, before the Pact.
Hero: How was that?
The Green Lady: Like there was nothing for me but blood, and the kill. If you hadn't arrived, I'd be a Houndsman, hunting innocent Bosmer. But stronger, with my power as the Green Lady encouraging others to turn feral. We must complete the handfast quickly.
Hero: What do we need to do? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Retrieve the Handfast. It was crafted in Valeguard and sent here for the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, the spinners hid it away somewhere in the city, to keep it from the Hound ... and me.
Hero: Where should I look? Goodbye.
The Green Lady: Scout Anglith, chief of the Silvenar's hunters, should know. Considering how much you've helped us already, I can't think of anyone else who deserves the honor more than you.
Hero: I'll be back soon with the Handfast.

Spinner Dothriel: The handfast ritual is but one of the many ceremonies for this wedding. Look around, my friend. Without you, this joyous celebration could not be possible.
Hero: Their union has been a long time coming.
Spinner Dothriel: Please, enjoy the hospitality of Silvenarfor as long as you like ... though I am certain your tale will draw you away from us soon. May your story be neverending, and always of interest.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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