Payment In Kind [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

A recent conflict between the Wood Elves and Drublog Orcs of Bloodtoil Valley threatens to end in bloodshed. Mathragor asked me to speak with his daughter, Dalaneth, to see if there is a way to stop the bloodshed between the Drublog and Bosmer of Bloodtoil Valley. I can find her in the Bosmer village in Bloodtoil Valley.

Mathragor: You must help my daughter! Shaman Yarnag, he's attacked us!
Hero: What happened?
Mathragor: Shaman Yarnag caught my daughter with the son of the Drublog chief, Ulagash. We normally live near the Drublog with only minor squabbles. But now they've gone too far!
Hero: Is she hurt?
Mathragor: Not this time. But I fear Shaman Yarnag now plots against us. My daughter was in shock after the attack. She refused to speak to me. Please, see if Dalaneth will tell you anything. Someone must stop the Drublog before they move against us!
Hero: I will talk to Dalaneth.
Mathragor: I left Dalaneth in the village. She said she'd be praying to Z'en in the meantime, the dear girl. Please do what you can to help her. I'll wait in the valley, near the Drublog's home.
Hero: How did this conflict start?
Mathragor: How do these things always start? Impetuous youth! Chief Ulukhaz's son Ulagash wooed my daughter in secret. I told her no love would last. It was not long before the Drublog shaman uncovered their trysts. Then, the bloodshed began.
Hero: Who killed whom?
Mathragor: No one knows who struck the first blow. It was a battle. Chaos. Blood. Anger. Now the Drublog swear they'll kill us all. If only they'd just leave! By Z'en, we will not give up our homes!
Hero: Who is Z'en?
Mathragor: I'm not surprised you ask. Few worship Z'en these days, though his shrines once spanned the whole of the Valenwood. He is the god of toil, and payment in kind. Fitting we make the Wood Ores pay for their actions!
Hero: Why aren't there more shrines to Z'en?
Mathragor: The Knahaten flu decimated his faithful. They say Argonian Shadowscales infiltrated our worshippers and spread the flu, curse them! We are the last of Z'en's followers. If we fall to the Drublog, none will be left to keep the old ways.
Hero: How did this conflict start? Goodbye.
Mathragor: How do these things always start? Impetuous youth! Chief Ulukhaz's son Ulagash wooed my daughter in secret. I told her no love would last. It was not long before the Drublog shaman uncovered their trysts. Then, the bloodshed began.
Hero: You say Ulagash pursued your daughter?
Mathragor: She told me she didn't mind his advances. That she actually ... liked him. I forbade her from seeing him, but she didn't listen. I knew their dalliances would anger the Drublog. I've prayed to Z'en for guidance, but've gotten no answer.

Dalaneth: We didn't mean to cause any trouble. How could love between two people cause so much suffering?
Hero: Your father said you were attacked. Goodbye.
Dalaneth: It all happened so quickly. I don't... Shaman Yarnag came at us in a rage. He screamed that we were unworthy to pray at Mauloch's shrine. Then he drew his weapon .... Ulagash, my love! You have to help him!
Hero: You and Ulagash were lovers? Goodbye.
Dalaneth: I'd hoped we would be one day. But Shaman Yarnag saw us embracing by the lake a few nights ago. He must have told Chief Ulukhaz. She flew into a rage. Since then, all arguments end in bloodshed. Peace has been torn asunder.
Hero: Why did the chief object? Goodbye.
Dalaneth: In the eyes of Z'en, all love is welcome. But worshippers of Mauloch, like Shaman Yarnag, feel Ores should keep to themselves and not consort with other races. My dear Ulagash must still be with Shaman Yarnag. I fear for his life. Please, help him!
Hero: Where should I go? Goodbye.
Dalaneth: They were still in Mauloch's shrine when I ran away. I think Ulagash was stabbed by the shaman! Have mercy, Z'en! Don't let us be parted like this!

Ulagash: Ulagash lies dead near the shrine to Mauloch. Blood still oozes from a stab wound in his chest.
Hero: Examine the body.
Ulagash: Ulagash's corpse bears marks of torture. A symbol is carved into his forehead: the symbol of Mauloch.

Mathragor: The village! I couldn't help them! So many dead .... Oh Z'en, what have we done?
Hero: What happened?
Mathragor: A bloodbath! Chief Ulukhaz killed them all! So much screaming, echoing through the entire valley! How could this have happened? Is this the workings of the shaman?
Hero: Shaman Yarnag is dead. He threatened to kill Dalaneth.
Mathragor: Z'en, this is too much for one to bear! My daughter Dalaneth ... my child! I couldn't find her before I was forced to flee. Some villagers went to hide amongst the forest. Please, can you find them? They may know where she's gone.
Hero: I'll head to the village.

Huurel: Gods, let it not be my time yet!
Hero: I'm here to help. Have you seen Mathragor's daughter? Goodbye.

Gothrongor: "Don't trust the Ores," I said. But did they listen? Now they're dead, all dead.
Hero: Mathragor sent me to find survivors. Have you seen his daughter? Goodbye.

Falphirion: Who are you? Z'en! What've we done?
Hero: The way out is clear. Have you seen Dalaneth?

Mathragor: Did you find anyone? Dalaneth ...?
Hero: I saved a few villagers, but Dalaneth is still missing.
Mathragor: They must have taken her! Wouldn't a father know if his daughter died? The Drublog destroyed our entire village! Monsters, all of them - my daughter's actions never warranted this madness!
Hero: There's got to be more at work than this.
Mathragor: We welcomed the Drublog! We shared a single cup in friendship, and this is what they return? Chief Ulukhaz was honorable and just, but Shaman Yarnag changed that. And all the others followed his bloodlust! Nothing more than animals, they are!
Hero: What will you do now? Goodbye.
Mathragor: My friends, gone. My daughter, missing. What is left for me? I've nothing left, except rage and grief. Chief Ulukhaz must pay for this massacre. She must die. Blood for blood. Payment in kind. Such is Z'en's will.
Hero: You want me to kill Chief Ulukhaz? Goodbye.
Mathragor: It's the only path left to me. She must've taken my daughter. So, she must die. Chief Ulukhaz will be in her longhouse above the shrine to Mauloch. When she is dead, find me in the Shrine of Z'en, across the stream. I must pray for guidance.

Dalaneth: Please, help. The Drublog ....
Hero: Hold still. You've lost a lot of blood.
Dalaneth: The chief ... she went mad. Ulagash and I... we tried to stop her. And Shaman Yarnag ... he used Ulagash's blood! The chief's son!
Hero: How did this start?
Dalaneth: Shaman Yarnag meant to kill me, but Ulagash stopped him. He took the blow meant for me. Please, you have to end this. Tell my father... no more blood!
Hero: I'll tell him, Dalaneth.

Mathragor: What news? Have you found my daughter?
Hero: She's dead. Chief Ulukhaz killed her. Goodbye.
Mathragor: No! My flesh and blood, stolen from me by those twice-cursed fiends! Z'en, this is too much! I beg you, don't give me this burden to bear as well! Curse Ulagash! Curse them all!
Hero: Ulagash tried to save her. Goodbye.
Mathragor: Don't speak to me of sacrifice! Ulagash was a Drublog, same as the rest! I told her no love could live between the Drublog and our people. And now, she has paid the price. The Drublog know only blood, and blood they shall have!
Hero: She asked me to make you stop this bloodshed. Goodbye.
Mathragor: My daughter only ever wanted peace. Perhaps the chief's son did, too. But their blood has forever stained these lands. There's no going back. If I don't stop the Drublog, the suffering will continue. The curse is the only way to end this.
Hero: A curse?

The Emissary of Z'en: I must speak with you.
Hero: Who are you? Goodbye.
The Emissary of Z'en: I am the herald of Z'en, keeper of the balance. I collect and assign the debts of the faithful. I am here to stop this cycle. The Drublog paid many times over for the death of Mathragor's people. His curse will only feed Mauloch's fury.
Hero: What's this curse Mathragor spoke of? Goodbye.
The Emissary of Z'en: He offers his blood as sacrifice, calling upon the forest itself to mete out justice. But it is not justice he seeks. It is vengeance. Z'en will not have more blood shed this day, but one death is better than many. If you cannot stop him, I must.
Hero: What can I do? Goodbye.
The Emissary of Z'en: What can you do? What you must. Mathragor has put his trust in you before. You have the chance to guide him away from this path.
Hero: Perhaps I could reason with him.
The Emissary of Z'en: The spoken word can shape the future in ways stronger than the tears and blood of thousands. If your words ring true, perhaps Mathragor will see a new path.
Hero: I'll try to persuade him to abandon the curse.

Mathragor: Z'en would abandon me in my time of need? After all this, he gives me nothing?
Hero: I can't let this bloodshed continue. Goodbye.
Mathragor: They've slaughtered my family and laid waste to my home! They will answer for their crimes! If Z'en won't help me, I will find another that will give me justice!
Hero: The Drublog have suffered losses as well. It's up to you to end this. Goodbye.
Mathragor: I will not! They must all pay. Do you hear me? They must pay with their lives! I'll suffer no Drublog on these lands as long as I draw breath!
Hero: [Persuade] Your daughter gave everything to bring an end to this. Don't let her sacrifice be in vain.
Mathragor: Dalaneth! If I could see you once more, I would know what to do! She would weep if she saw me now. She only knew kindness and love. Why did I survive while she died? You're right. I must find the balance again.
Hero: What will you do now?
Mathragor: First, I will find my daughter. Hold her one last time, and try to remember the lessons she taught me. Then ... I must rebuild. Perhaps I will find the concept of balance once again. If that is to be my burden, I carry it gladly.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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