Raise the Colors [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Raise the Colors A dying soldier named has asked me to avenge his death. To gain revenge for his death, Melril asked me to kill the leaders of the three Reachmen tribes at Boulderfall.


Kill Kevinne Blightheart Kill Lydi Snowpelt Kill Vivian Witchclaw

Melril: They're ... the tribes assembled. Too much for us.
Hero: Is there something I can do?
Melril: I'm ... I'm beyond help. I heard you talking to the commander. The Reach ... all of this for nothing. Please. Make my death worth something.
Hero: Just tell me what you want done.
Melril: My dying wish. I want them to pay. The leaders of the three tribes here—Boneshaper, Rageclaw, Stonetalon. Kill them ... and raise the Pact banner at the top of the hill. For me, please.
Hero: They won't live to see tonight, soldier.

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