Pulled Under [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

Pulled Under The people of Riften have been brought inside their shattered walls. While Sinmur is gone, however, Riftens people may face other threats. Guard Captain Viveka asked me to speak with Yiri Windtorn. Yiri claims something took her father.


Enter Yiris Home

Guard Captain Viveka: I already owe you. But I'm hearing rumors. They need to be investigated.
Hero: What would you have me do?
Guard Captain Viveka: My cousin, on my pa's side. Her father's missing, and the family says Yiri saw what happened. Problem is, he went missing during the attack. But he wasn't anywhere near the west wall.
Hero: What did she say happened?
Guard Captain Viveka: She swears something pulled him into one of the canals. Poor thing's shocked out of her gourd. As you can see, I'm a little occupied. Get Yiri talking. Tell the Pact's commander, Centurion Andrin, what you learn.
Hero: I'll look into it, and let Centurion Aldrin know what I find.
Guard Captain Viveka: I hope you can help Yiri. Her father saved my life when we were children.
Hero: Won't you and the guard investigate Yiri's story?
Guard Captain Viveka: I wish I could! That pig of a Centurion doesn't trust the people here, or Riften's guard. Tells me not to listen to rumors. If something's going on, you need to shove the proof in his face.

Bonohild Windtorn: Who in the nine holds are you, and what are you doing in my house?
Hero: Captain Viveka sent me. I'm here to help.
Bonohild Windtorn: Shor's bones, I was ready to murder you. Some bastard just tried to kill my niece. That's him. Gutted like a fish.
Hero: He's a Worm Cultist.
Bonohild Windtorn: He's a damned skeever, coming after a young girl with a knife. Yiri just lost her father, and now this man tries to kill her? What would the Worms want with Yiri?
Hero: Mind if I look at the body?
Bonohild Windtorn: Go ahead. But avoid the entrails. No telling what he's been eating.

Bonohild Windtorn: Poor thing. When my brother was killed, her mind just snapped. Keeps babbling about the water.
Hero: Do you know of a way to calm her down?
Bonohild Windtorn: Densorr used to make her this foul-smelling tea. Never had a taste for it, but Yiri loves it. She brewed the last of our leaves just the other day.
Hero: Can I find any more in town?
Bonohild Windtorn: There might be someone. A Baandari peddler named J'darzi showed up just after the attack.
Hero: What's the tea called?
Bonohild Windtorn: Moon. Something? White Moon. That's what it's called. Just know, it won't be cheap. He's been gouging anyone looking for a little luxury.
Hero: I'll talk to the Khajiit.

Yiri Windtorn:
Hero: [Intimidate] Snap out of it. What happened?
Yiri Windtorn: Don't! Don't hurt me! It was the dead thing, the dead thing in the water! It ate him. It took my father away and ate him. It's still out there. Keep it away from me!

Centurion Andrin: Are you a Jarl, a General, or a member of the gods-cursed Tribunal? No? Then shove off!
Hero: There are zombies in Riften, Centurion. The Worm Cult is among us.
Centurion Andrin: This again? Look, the cult is gone. I was dispatched to aid the city with all of five soldiers. The rest marched off after the giant. I don't have the manpower to investigate rumors.
Hero: I can investigate, then.
Centurion Andrin: If you want to waste your time, fine. I won't stop you from looking.
Hero: Thank you.
Centurion Andrin: If you're going to wander the city, might as well start on the east side of town. The homeless there tend to complain louder than the others.
Hero: Why don't you care about these people?
Centurion Andrin: Who says I don't care? Look, we have refugees from all over the Rift here. We've got wounded from the attack, and soldiers staging into the rest of the Smokefrosts. I don't have time to run down every crazy claim.

Centurion Andrin: You're back. I hope the skeever hunt went well. Killed all the zombies, made us safe?
Hero: The Worm Cult was here. I've pushed them out of Riften, but they left with a shard of Wuuthrad.
Centurion Andrin: A shard of Wuuthrad. Here? You must be joking. Though, from the look on your face, I see you're not. The Worm Cult is a danger to us all. We'll double patrols with the five men we have. In the meantime, thank you for running them out of town.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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