Redguard on the Run [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 40

Text of the Quest:

Redguard on the Run Once in Ivarstead, I should check out the Horkers Tusk Tavern. Varnedo might be there or someone might know where he is.


Visit the Horkers Tusk in Ivarstead

Gorgath Deadeye: Unless I killed a friend of yours and yer here to get even, back off. I'm lookin' for someone and it's not you. It's yer lucky day.
Hero: Who you looking for?
Gorgath Deadeye: Dirt-eater by the name of Varnedo. Heard he was here, but now I hear he's in Ivarstead. Chasin' him is getting old. I've got other places to be.
Hero: What's it worth to you if I check out Ivarstead?
Gorgath Deadeye: Huh. Might be worth somethin'. If you find Varnedo, kill him. Make it painful. Then we'll see. But if you cross me, I'll cut you in half.
Hero: Just have my money ready.

Adla: Welcome to the Horker's Tusk Tavern. Fancy a drink?
Hero: I'm looking for a Redguard named Varnedo.
Adla: There was a Redguard here a bit ago. Friendly enough, but I didn't catch his name. You're not looking to cause trouble are you? We like things peaceful in Ivarstead.
Hero: No trouble. Just an old friend I haven't seen in awhile.
Adla: I don't know if he's your friend or not, but I saw him speak with Akvid Gray-Sky over there.

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