Prove Your Worth [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 4

Text of the Quest:

Prove Your Worth Garnikh bet his axe that I cant best the Seamount hunters in duels. I must challenge and defeat three Seamount hunters in the camp south of .


Duel the Seamount Hunters

Garnikh: Keep staring, outlander, and I'll repay the sacking of Orsinium twice over. A few scratches don't bother me.
Hero: What's your problem?
Garnikh: You. Coming here, thinking you're better than us? Think again.
Hero: Maybe I am better.
Garnikh: Strong talk; prove it. I bet my axe that any of my hunters could best you in a duel.
Hero: I'll take that bet.
Garnikh: Beat three of my hunters in duels and my axe is yours.
Hero: Shouldn't I have something at stake?
Garnikh: No need. The loss of your dignity will be my reward.

Nicolene: We need you back at the fortress. Right now!
Hero: What's happening?
Nicolene: Orc scouts sighted Bloodthorn Cultists in Carzog's Demise. Tazgol's mobilizing the army to go kill them all, but Lambur's worried. She thinks it might be a trap. Did you find out anything?
Hero: The cultists seek an Ayleid relic that can raise an invincible army.
Nicolene: That's awful! I'll go find the captain. Get back to the fortress and let Lambur know. Maybe it's not too late!

Garnikh: No need to gloat; I saw it all. Clearly my hunters need more training.
Hero: And my reward?
Garnikh: My word is as solid as this steel. Take my axe. Maybe someday you'll learn howto use it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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