The Bloodthorn Plot [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 4

Text of the Quest:

The Bloodthorn Plot The Bloodthorn Cult recently attacked Stonetooth Fortress. The Orcs repelled the attack but something was stolen. Lambur asked me to investigate Grimfield, Moriseli, and the Carved Hills. Bloodthorn Cultists were seen there after the attack on Stonetooth. I may be able to find out more about their plans.


Investigate Moriseli Investigate Grimfield Investigate Carved Hills

Gruluk gro-Khazun: Good thing you sailed in with Captain Kaleen. Outsiders aren't welcome on Betnikh, especially not now.
Hero: Why not?
Gruluk gro-Khazun: Bloodthorn Cultists attacked the fortress. You're lucky you don't look like them, or you'd have a spear in your belly.
Hero: Looks like the attack failed.
Gruluk gro-Khazun: Of course. We slaughtered most; the rest fled. They stole something from the chief, but we'll get it back. We'll mop them up as soon as Chief Tazgol raises the army. You want to know more, ask Lambur.
Hero: I'll go find her.

Lambur: This was part of a larger plan. I'm sure of it!
Hero: What happened?
Lambur: The Bloodthorn Cult assaulted the fortress. They were repulsed, but they stole a Breton scroll the Ores found here long ago. Chief Tazgol thinks the attack failed but I'm not so sure.
Hero: What do you mean?
Lambur: The cultists retreated after the initial assault; they came here to steal that scroll, I'm sure of it. But why? Have they set a trap for us? We must know before the chief decides to attack.
Hero: How can I help?
Lambur: Start with Shaman Laganakh. She witnessed Bloodthorn rituals in the Carved Hills. She's waiting by the longhouse south of here. Cultists were also seen at Moriseli, to the north, and Grimfield, west of here.
Hero: What can you tell me about Moriseli?
Lambur: It's an Ayleid ruin. Years ago, Breton raiders attacked us. An outnumbered patrol held there for weeks until they were wiped out. Later, our army destroyed the raiders. It's just a ruin, really. I don't know what the Bloodthorn want with it.
Hero: What about Grimfield? That's an ominous name.
Lambur: It's a graveyard. Not ours — Breton. When we conquered the island hundreds of years ago, Warchief Yzzgol left it intact out of respect for our enemies.
Hero: What do you know about the Carved Hills?
Lambur: It’s mostly wilderness. There are Ayleid ruins, but they were looted long ago. I don't know what the Bloodthorns want there, but Laganakh might know more.

Lambur: You're back. Good. Do you know what this cult is planning?
Hero: The cult seeks a powerful relic beneath Carzog's Demise.
Lambur: Bloodthorn Cultists were sighted at those ruins. Chieftain Tazgol has already taken the army to deal with them. They're walking into a trap!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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