PreventatIve Measure [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 12

Text of the Quest:

Preventativve Measure I met an Argonian named in the ruins of Quendeluun. Shes asked me to help me secure her freedom. Delves-Deeply gave me a crystal, and told me to touch the crystal to arcane cargo scattered around the cove. She cautioned me it might be an unstable reaction.


Destroy the Arcane Supplies

Delves-Deeply: You're an unexpected bend in the river. Not Veiled Heritance, yes? And obviously not Pact. Perhaps we may be of service to one another?
Hero: Aren't you a member of the Pact?
Delves-Deeply: Argonians as a people are, yes. But these troops are no friends of mine. I want to teach these pigs a lesson. I help you, you help me?
Hero: What do you have in mind?
Delves-Deeply: This crystal, take it. The Pact has unloaded arcane cargo all around the cove. Simply touch the crystal to the cargo. The results should be ... impressive.
Hero: I'll give it a shot.
Delves-Deeply: Careful. The crystal has a bite. Not always so friendly when unattuned.
Hero: The crystal might backfire?
Delves-Deeply: Yes. The crystal may backfire if not properly attuned.
Hero: Is this something I can get some help with?
Delves-Deeply: I can't. My magicka is bound. I could try, but if I exceed the power the stone allows me ... pain. Excruciating pain.
Hero: [Intimidate] I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty good at hurting people.
Delves-Deeply: I see I've chosen another trustworthy ally. Very well. I'll try.

Delves-Deeply: Good work. The crystal?
Hero: I still have it.
Delves-Deeply: Excellent. So now you see—this gem dampens my magicka. The crystal I gave you, along with a bit of spellwork, should set me free.
Hero: What are you going to do?
Delves-Deeply: I will start the spell. Once I have the crystal weakened, I will tell you to use the crystal I gave you. Using it will be the final boost I need. Then I shall be free. Ready?
Hero: I'm ready.

Delves-Deeply: Well done!
Hero: What will you do now?
Delves-Deeply: Leave these pigs to your slaughter. May they rot. Thank you for your help. Shadowfen awaits!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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