Plague of Phaer [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 7

Text of the Quest:

Plague of Phaer The town of Phaer is beset by a mysterious plague. The town alchemist, Hendil, has taken steps to treat the ill. Hendil is using a barn near the edge of town as a hospice. If Im going to help him out, Ill need to find him there.


Talk to Hendil

Endaraste: Make way, please. Whinnie and I are eager to be gone.
Hero: What's wrong?
Endaraste: Plague. Stay away if you value your life. A dozen people afflicted over the last week.
Hero: Who's in charge? Is anyone treating the sick?
Endaraste: Hendil has been tending to the ill in Aninwe's barn. He's just the town alchemist! No formal healer training. You want to risk your life? Be my guest. Whinnie and I are bound for Skywatch.
Hero: Good luck on the road.

Hendil: Here about the plague? It's really catching on.
Hero: What?
Hendil: Sorry, sorry. This is about my fourth day without sleep. Are you feeling well? Can I help you?
Hero: I'm fine. How long has this plague been going on?
Hendil: Uh, not long. My son was its first victim, bless his heart. I'm not really a healer, just the town alchemist. But I couldn't just sit by and watch people suffer.
Hero: How do you treat something like this?
Hendil: Salloweed aloe. It seems to hold back the illness for a time. I apply it to my patients as soon as they show symptoms. If their condition worsens, though, we put them in quarantine.
Hero: Is there anything I can do to help? Hendil
Hendil: Actually, we just ran out of salloweed. A big patch grows just outside of town. Will you gather some? Amuur's already got the next batch of salve prepped. Just need the sap to get back to work.
Hero: Happy to help.
Hendil: Salloweed's pretty potent stuff. Gathering it should be safe enough. As long as you don't eat it, you'll be fine. I think.
Hero: You mentioned a quarantine? Where is that?
Hendil: Phaer used to be a mining town. The workings are still down there. After folks started to get sick, we wanted to keep the worst away from the uninfected. So we put them in quarantine down below.
Hero: You just abandoned them to die?
Hendil: No, not at all. Amuur and I go down regularly to care for them. We set up a contract with the mercenaries to keep everyone safe. This'll all turn out fine in the end.

Hendil: Ah, you're back. Good. Sorry, just trying to stay on my feet.
Hero: I've got some salloweed for you.
Hendil: Wonderful. I'll have Amuur make up another batch of aloe straight away. I hope it wasn't any trouble for you?
Hero: Some people were wandering the fields. They looked diseased and attacked me.
Hendil: Oh. They did? That's unfortunate. Very unfortunate.
Hero: Hendil? What's wrong?
Hendil: Hmm? I'm sorry. My mind is drifting. Very tired. Some of the local farmworkers must have been touched by the plague. I'll send Amuur and some of the mercenaries to treat them. Thank you for telling me.
Hero: Is there anything else I can do to help?
Hendil: Yes, actually. If you could pass out the aloe to some of the villagers, I'll be able to send Amuur to treat those farmhands straight away. New patients popping up every day.
Hero: Who should I talk to?
Hendil: Let's see, have my list here. Nelulin, who should be out fixing the sheds about now. Eryeril, no doubt hiding in his home. And Aninwe. She owns this farm, probably just outside the barn here. Those are the next victims on the list.
Hero: I'll pass out the aloe, then.

Aninwe: Hey there.
Hero: Hendil had you on his list. Said to give you some salve?
Aninwe: I'm sick? Stars. I suppose it was only a matter of time. It is my barn, after all.
Hero: Here's the aloe.
Aninwe: Thank you! Here I thought my biggest problem was keeping the farm. Now I'm worried about catching the plague. The Stars move, I suppose.

Eryeril: What are you doing in my home? Don't you know who I am?
Hero: Hendil sent me. I have this salve—
Eryeril: It's about time! My family helped to found this Stars-forsaken town. You'd think I'd be one of the first to get treated.
Hero: Right. Hope you feel—
Eryeril: You've done what you came to do. Get out. And don't dawdle. Bad enough I have to deal with these dirt farmers. Now I'm dealing with their diseases, too.

Nelulin: Sorry, help you? I've got a lot of work to do around here.
Hero: Hendil sent me. I have some salve for you?
Nelulin: Salve? What? Does that mean I've got the plague? Stars above. Mother won't be able to bear this.
Hero: I don't know. You were on his list.
Nelulin: Hendil's done so much for this town, all I can do is trust him. Wish this wasn't happening to me, though.
Hero: You mentioned your mother?
Nelulin: My mother, Velatosse. She's at her home nearby, waiting for word about my brother. He's down in the cave, waiting for Hendil to come up with a cure. It'll be all right. Thank you.
Hero: Sorry to bear bad news.
Nelulin: i suppose I should be grateful I have the salve. Hendil's son succumbed so quickly. Stars damn this plague.
Hero: You mentioned your brother. What happened to him?
Nelulin: My brother, Iwelien, was one of the first to fall to the plague. Hendil was so kind, talking to mother. Explaining things. Iwel's been in quarantine for days now with no word. She's beside herself. Now with me having to take the salve. Damn it.

Hendil: Everything's going to be fine. We're just very worried about the poor victims in the mine. Does everyone have their salve?
Hero: I spoke to all three of them. Are they ill?
Hendil: in some cases I'm taking a preventative stance. Hopefully that will stop the spread of the disease. The gods thank you. As do I.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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