Putting the Pieces Together [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 9

Text of the Quest:

Putting the Pieces Together Im working with Razum-dar, at the town of Mathiisen. Hes following up reports on the Veiled Heritance for Queen Ayrenn. Raz is worried about being recognized in Mathiisen. Hes asked me to meet with one of his agents, Fistalle.


Meet with Fistalle at Her Home

Razum-dar: You'll be perfect for this. You'll see. Raz has an eye for this sort of thing.
Hero: What do you have in mind?
Razum-dar: Her majesty set this one a task—investigate the leadership of the Veiled Heritance. The Veil's trail leads here, to the town of Mathiisen. Well known for their steel blades, yes? But also, apparently, weaponsmiths for anarchists.
Hero: Where do I fit in?
Razum-dar: You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed.
Hero: Whatever you say, Razum-dar.
Razum-dar: The Heritance are racists, yes? Idiots. But dangerous, destabilizing racist idiots. We must act. Can you tell me more about the Veiled Heritance?
Hero: You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes?
Razum-dar: Raz may have oversimplified. These Altmer, the ones who wear the veil. They do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as members of a far superior race. The rest of us just need some ... help.
Hero: What's their ultimate goal?
Razum-dar: "Auridon for the Altmer." Cats like this one out, shortie Elves out. Nothing but tall folk, fair skin, and pointy ears as far as the eye can see. Boring, yes?
Hero: You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes?
Razum-dar: Her Majesty trusts you. And you were of great help in Vulkhel Guard. Why would this one not trust a new, fresh face? Raz would never watch you with careful eyes, ready for the first sign of betrayal. Never!

Razum-dar: And how is Fistalle, my friend? Raz loves her laugh. What did she learn?
Hero: I'm sorry Raz. Fistalle is dead.
Razum-dar: Dead? Dark Moon and dull claws. Damn these fanatics.
Hero: I found this note on her body. I don't understand what it means. -Razum-dar: Let Raz see that. Even in death, she laughs at this one. Clever girl. It is a code, telling us who she suspected.
Hero: What do you make of it?
Razum-dar: She mentions a rat with a blade. Condalin is the forgemaster here, controls the smithy on the far end of town. Go, see what you can find. And be careful. Meet Razum-dar around the other side of the forge when you are done.

Razum-dar: What did you find?
Hero: I found this inventory. Condalin and the Canonreeve were arguing about this earlier.
Razum-dar: Interesting. Raz knows Mathiisen's Canonreeve. Malanie. Would not have suspected her. If she's donned the Veil, she's probably running the show here. Explains something, too.
Hero: What do you mean?
Razum-dar: A guard now stands before the door. Seems an odd place for a guard, yes? Want you to investigate. This one has another lead to run down.
Hero: I'll get into the house and meet you when I have something.
Razum-dar: We're close, my friend. We will act soon. Trust Razum-dar.
Hero: Why did you say you were surprised the Canonreeve wears the Veil?
Razum-dar: Just thought better of her. This one knows she and the Queen used to correspond regularly. To think she's fallen in with the Heritance. Shows even good people can do stupid things.

Razum-dar: Our friend here was too noisy. Had to have some fun with him. What did the Canonreeve's home yield?
Hero: An officer's uniform. Looks like you were right.
Razum-dar: It's true, then. Malanie leads the Heritance here. This town is corrupt, down to the roots. Damn it! The Queen will not be pleased.
Hero: What do we do?
Razum-dar: When the roots are fouled, there's only one thing left to do—rip them out of the ground.
Hero: Where do we start?
Razum-dar: The time to stay in the shadows is past. Now we step into the light.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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