Pelidils End [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

Seaside Sanctuary is back in the control of the Aldmeri Dominion, but Vicereeve Pelidil has escaped aboard a Maormer vessel. Captain Jimila is preparing the Prowler to sail after Vicereeve Pelidil.

Captain Jimila: The troops can handle reclaiming the sanctuary, but we can only really end this if we cut off the head. Vicereeve Pelidil is getting further away from us every moment we delay.
Hero: I'm ready to go after the Vicereeve.
Captain Jimila: Good. The sooner we're underway, the sooner we can catch Pelidil. Raise anchor!
Hero: Let's set sail!

Captain Jimila: You made it! I was beginning to have my doubts, but I trust that the vicereeve will no longer be a threat?
Hero: Yes. Pelidil is dead.
Captain Jimila: Then this is cause for celebration! Let us return to the shore and share the good news with Major Cirinwe. Are you ready to return?
Hero: Yes. Let's sail back.
Captain Jimila: By Jone and Jode, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of that one, but you never cease to impress. Things are always exciting when you're around, it seems.
Hero: Are you coming ashore?
Captain Jimila: No. I will stay aboard the Prowler. I miss her greatly when we are apart, so I will celebrate our victory here on deck with my crew ... and several bottles of Moon-Sugar Double Rum. You go on. Savor this victory. You certainly earned it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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