Naemons Return [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 30

Text of the Quest:

It seems that Prince Naemon has indeed returned from the dead and now leads an undead army thats pushed its way to the city gates of Marbruk. I should speak with Scout Catannie at Driladan Pass to see how I can help.

Captain Sarandil: So it is true then? Prince Naemon has been raised from the dead and now seeks vengeance by corrupting Valenwood? Gods help us! That makes this even more difficult. And with the undead already outside the city gates, we must act now.
Hero: Prince Naemon is leading them?
Captain Sarandil: No, the lich-lord ... er, Naemon was commanding the dead earlier, but he since departed the area. Before anyone can go after him though, we must first drive the undead back from the city gates.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Captain Sarandil: You should make haste to Driladan Pass. I am certain they will be grateful for your assistance. Look for Scout Catannie just outside the city gates. She's helping to coordinate our defenses. I'll remain here in case the queen needs anything.
Hero: I'll go look for Catannie then.

Scout Catannie: I have been a soldier all my life, but never have I seen such a dreadful turn of events. Prince Naemon? An army of undead? It's fortunate Camoran sent the Vinedusk Rangers, because there are simply too few Dominion troops to defend the city.
Hero: I've come to help. What can I do?
Scout Catannie: Talk to the Vinedusk. Bodring is in command here. He'll know best what needs to be done. May the gods be with you, friend. May the gods be with us all.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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