Report to Marbruk [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 30

Text of the Quest:

I've been given a letter to deliver to Queen Ayrenn to bring her up to speed on the events that have occurred and inform her of our victory over Vicereeve Pelidil. The queen is currently in Marbruk. I should head there and speak with her.

Major Cirenwe: Tales of today's battle will undoubtedly be told for generations! When soldiers of the Aldmeri Dominion face impossible odds, they will not retreat. They will say "remember the Battle of Seaside Sanctuary" and they will press on, to victory!
Hero: So both the Maormer and the Veiled Heritance are defeated?
Major Cirenwe: Let us hope. If they do rear their ugly heads again, we will smite them once more. There remains one very serious concern, however. The soldiers we captured say the vicereeve conducted a ritual to raise Prince Naemon from the dead.
Hero: So I heard. Does anyone know where he went?
Major Cirenwe: We have conflicting reports on that concern, but Razum-dar is investigating. Regardless, your first priority is to inform the queen of our victory and this unfortunate news about her brother. Give her this letter. It contains all the details.
Hero: Understood. I'll report to Queen Ayrenn as soon as possible.

Queen Ayrenn: I hear you've been busy, my friend. Good. Very good. Is that letter for me?
Hero: Details from Major Cirenwe and Fariel to bring you up to speed.
Queen Ayrenn: I see. So the rumors were true. Pelidil... It is good that you brought him to his end. But I hope you aren't too weary, my Eye. Pelidil may be gone, but his actions are being felt across Valenwood. We have much left to do.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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