Mourning the Lost [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

I should play the flute Laurosse gave me and listen for its twin, so that I can locate Erinel.

Laurosse: I'm not paying them enough to fight Ores? They are Ores! They should be used to it! And my betrothed is out there!
Hero: Your betrothed's across the river?
Laurosse: Yes, she's been kidnapped. Her name's Erinel. She's a Wood Elf. I know, a Bosmer and an Altmer. It's no wonder I can only hire Ores to help. But Erinel, she's so strong. She's like the city walls!
Hero: Do you have any idea where she might be?
Laurosse: Ah yes, I have her flute from our courtship. We used it to meet secretly in the woods. When you play it, you hear the music from its twin. I tried to use it to find her, but I just got lost. I'm not cut out for traipsing around the woods.
Hero: I'll use the flute to find Erinel and rescue her.
Laurosse: Remember, just play the flute and you'll hear an echo from Erinel's counterpart. Please save my betrothed!
Hero: How did the other Altmer react when you asked a Wood Elf to marry you?
Laurosse: Not well, though they already accused me of having a weak bloodline, so their derision was more limited accusations of going native and the occasional off the cuff reference to bestiality than outright threats. Until now.
Hero: You suspect one of the Altmers of kidnapping Erinel?
Laurosse: It's madness, I know. But she wouldn't just get lost. She's known this forest from her youth. And the Eight know there's enough Altmer who don't approve.
Hero: How do you even know Erinel's been kidnapped?
Laurosse: The Bosmer were tight-lipped, but I pieced together something about mourning kidnappings, listening to rumors around town. Please, help me find her.

Erinel: Who are you? What are you doing here? You need to get out before the others return from their raid!
Hero: Don't worry, Erinel. Laurosse sent me to rescue you.
Erinel: By Y'ffre, he gave you the flute to find me? I'm sorry, but my old life is over. I was so absorbed in the little lovestruck world we made for ourselves, I forgot mine and its needs.
Hero: What are you talking about?
Erinel: The Falinesti Faithful lost a tribeswoman, and as is the custom, they sought a captive in a Mourning War to replace the lost. I have a new life now, a new family, new duties.
Hero: Then why are you bound like a prisoner?
Erinel: It's a trial, to ensure I'm a fitting replacement for the lost tribeswoman. It's nothing for me to escape these bonds, but if I flee, they will capture another. Besides, I belong here, not in that city of stone. I love Laurosse, but I'm a Wood Elf.
Hero: No, you love him and he loves you. Don't hide behind your cultural differences.
Erinel: You sound like Laurosse. Always full of noble ideals. He's right, though. I've been afraid. I've been running from us. I'll go back to Marbruk. Maybe I'll see you there.

Laurosse: Did you find her? Please tell me you did ... or at least, that you didn't lose the flute. It's the only memory of her I have.
Hero: I found her about to be co-opted into a Bosmer tribe. I convinced her to return.
Laurosse: I wish you'd accompanied her, but she is strong. Like ... like a stampede of mammoths. I know, I should stick to administrative work. Thank you so much.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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